The Great Beer Battle And How It Brought Cousin Ollie To Religion

…fortunately for Ollie, he got better about 10 years later

Jeez, ya get sick and a little crazy in the head for a couple of weeks and your LJ content goes to shit. I’ll be trying to do better Real Soon Now, folks.

In other news, My Sweet Little Red Factor Canary Of Love and I will be going to see “Monsters VS Aliens” this weekend…after I go into work at 8 fucking AM on Saturday to take a TSA mandated test along with half of my co-workers.

On Sunday, it’s gaming and more gaming for me. Mostly, for both groups it’ll be character creation time, but still heaps o’ fun.

Now, I’m off to read some webcomics and then hit the hay. More (and hopefully better) bloggage tomorrow.

Aardvark-Man, Archenemy Of Evil

…with his sidekick, Hyrax Boy

Slice ‘O Life Stuff: Still unemployed, but I’m tending my across the street neighbors 3 sweet doggies for a week while she and her hubby are gone. Pay should be good.

Got two new tires on the car, plus rotating and getting an old tire mounted as my spare. $182.00, which we could ill afford, but then, a blown tire would have been much worse. Next week: Tune up time!

And now…MEME TIME!

The Answers Only Mystery Meme
ganked from delazan who put me at #9

1. iamnikchick
2. megdeon (since infancy) (hers, that is)
3. robin_d_laws
4. delazan
5. spikeyj (“seems like”?)
6. princeofcairo
7. xomec
8. jbru
9. muskrat_john
10. sammywol
11. I drew a blank on this one
12. _lythande
13. jimbutcher
14. peacespear
15. No answer
16. smalley_smoot
17. unclelumpy
18. kajafoglio
19. avylou
20. doc_mystery
21. No answer
22. No answer
23. _lythande (sometimes)
24. shadowgm
25. boundfate
26. too numerous to count
27. most of us
28. freeport_pirate (as a pirate)
29. all of the females on my friends list
30. Y’all are just a hell of an interesting and diverse bunch of folks!