A Pink Mink With A Decided Stink Bought A Drink For A Skink Who Poured It Down The Sink

…cos he didn’t stop to think, the reptilian little fink.

So today I went to see my urologist with the thought in mind that, after about 18 months of trying various drugs to shrink my prostate gland, it might be time to reduce it via surgery. And so I did.

It would seem, however, that prostate surgery is not an option just yet. Apparently, my old urologist(who was really old and retired last summer) was way too conservative on the dosage of the first drug I was on. So my new doctor (a very pleasant young lady named Anastasia) will be putting me back on it. If it still doesn’t work or, like the last drug, has side effects, then we will see about the surgical option.

Unfortunately, she also wants me to slowly wean myself off of tea:( I will reluctantly try this, but I apologize in advance for any death and destruction I may cause during my withdrawal stages.