…well, unless you are reading this now or in the future

I did some more editing of past blog entries, this time related to our disastrous 2004 GenCon trip. Just look for this tag in the tag cloud. NOTES FROM THE FUTURE


Yes, It’s A Crazy Thing To Do

…so, what’s your point?

Introducing The Doclopedia!

One year from today, if all goes well, Grace and I and two as yet to be adopted Basset Hounds will begin our 2007 Triumphant Return To GenCon U.S. Tour. (and yes, there will be tour t-shirts)

(Note from 2012: I went to GenCon 2007, but Grace & The Girls did not. Sadly, there were no t-shirts.)

In anticipation of this great journey, as well as to sooth the melancholy I’m feeling over not going to this years GenCon, I decided a few weeks ago that I would create a character a day, every day, for a year. This may turn out to be one of my famous grandiose schemes that fizzles out, or I may just make it to the end. Tune in daily and see.

(Note from 2012: Little did I know what this would eventually spawn a few years down the road.)

Note: I used no specific system for this first character, just pluses to show how far above the norm he was. I may use specific rules sets for future characters, or I may not. We shall see what comes to pass.

About this character: Redbeard is the first character I ever created for a proper, non-Killer GM operated, D&D campaign. That would be way back in the fall of 1977. The following description is Redbeard at about 10th level or so.

The Doclopedia #1
My Earliest RPG Characters: Redbeard the Slayer
Strength: +3
Constitution: +3
Dexterity: +2
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: +1
Charisma: +2
Advantages: Cool Under Pressure, Lots of Friends/Contacts, Patron (Ool the Wizard)
Disadvantages: Hunted (by the Thieves Guild), Hunted (by Shandar Khan the Sorceror), Soft Spot for the Less Fortunate
Powers/Gifts: Incredible Healing (3X normal), High Magic Resistance (+3 vs all magic)
Primary Skills: Melee Combat (Great Axe), Missile Combat (Throwing Knives), Thief Skills
Background: Redbeard (his real name is a closely guarded secret), is a swordsman and thief of some reknown. He lives in a small suite of rooms on the fourth floor of the Purple Unicon, a “pleasure palace” located in the city of Ekarris. Redbeard stands 6’2″ tall, weighs 275 pounds, has long red hair and blue eyes. His primary weapon is a huge double bladed great axe, but he is well skilled in the use of most melee weapons.
Redbeard is quite skilled as a thief…skilled enough that his freelance exploits have earned him the wrath of the Thieves Guild. They have put a hefty price on his head. Now if any of them were brave or skilled enough to collect it…
The High Wizard Ool Mandragar is Redbeard’s primary employer, often sending the “redheaded scalawag” off on missions that would kill anybody without his phenominal healing factor. More than a few of these missions have pitted Redbeard against the mad sorceror Shandar Khan and his League of Wizards.
In his spare time, Readbeard enjoys whores, ale, barroom brawls, fair maidens, Dwarven baseball and women.


High winds in the valley today. Got home at 5:00 to find that part of the tree in the backyard had broken off, falling across the power lines to my house and the neighbors house. Local utility could restore half of his power, but our damage happened on the wrong spot to be the utilities responsibility. Therefore, no power here until we can call in an emergency electrician, who will no doubt screw us blind as to the cost. FUCK!!!!!


NOTES FROM THE FUTURE: AND the Vacation Gods took one last hefty and fucking expensive shit on us. Nearly 12 years later, we have still not fully financially recovered from that fucking summer.

DocAnd Grace On The Road: Home at Last

Got home last night (Friday) about 9:30, roughly a day ahead of schedule. Good to be back. Roscoe was glad to see us. Lots of unpacking to do soon.

Had a very fun trip home on Route 66, but Grace and I agree that we will take no more long driving trips (long being more than 5 days round trip) for a few years. We have seen more than enough of the midwest for awhile, tho we might take the train to Origins in a couple of years.

Will write the Big Trip Summary later. Now it is time to start the unpacking.


NOTES FROM THE FUTURE: Let’s review, shall we? Trip TO con? Sucked ass. Con itself? Missed most of it due to leg infection. Trip home? Pretty nice, actually. So, in summation, it was a pretty sucky and money wasting trip.

And I miss Roscoe.

Doc and Grace On The Road: Update

Quick update before I collapse into bed.

1: The trip TO GenCon had about a 85% suck rate

2: GenCon itself, all 7 hours total I got to spend at it, was ok. Still, my boredom with things gaming has infected GenCon and I have decided not to return for at least 3 years. Next year, I’ll give Origins a try.

3: I was utterly unimpressed with Indianapolis. Also, both the water and much of the air stank.

4: The trip home on Route 66 (or the spiritual replacements thereof) has so far been tons of fun. The driving can get tiring, but the stops along the way make up for it.

5: I’m posting this from Gallup, New Mexico.

6: We will, barring a return of our bad luck, be home by Sunday evening.

7: Tomorrow, we are off across Arizona with a stop planned for Meteor Crater.


NOTES FROM THE FUTURE:You will note that days worth of blogging do not appear here. Blame that 85% suck rate, an infected leg and my rapidly decreasing interest in GenCon and many other aspects of gaming at that time. On the other hand, Meteor Crater is hella cool and you should all travel Route 66 at least once.

Doc and Grace On The Road: Part Four (Saturday, August 14th)

In which Your Humble Narrator posts a brief note about the NEXT posting.

Well, my friends, today started out well…but then the Gods of Vacation decided to piss merrily upon us. Not like they did on John Kovalic on his recent Air Canada Fun Day, but a healthy whiz nonetheless.

I’ll post the whole sad story on Sunday night. For now, I’m off to bed.

Fun Trip Fact: Well, we ain’t dead!


NOTES FROM THE FUTURE: Actually, the Vacation Gods only pissed on us to get us ready for the 6 day shit they were about to drop on us. Second Worst Vacation Ever. Have only been back to GenCon once since then (2007) and have not done a long driving trip since then.

Doc and Grace On The Road: Part Three (Yes, Still Friday, August 13th)

In which we arrive at days end tired, hungry and NOT camping

I’m writing this from a motel in Provo, Utah. Grace and I decided that getting up way early and then driving all day thru the desert was not conducive to setting up a camp for the night. So just call us lazy old middle aged farts

Tomorrow’s adventure will see us on the road to Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park, so check in on Part Four.


NOTES FROM THE FUTURE: The only good thing I can say about that fucking motel is that the constant arrival of cops and ambulances kept the lowlifes from fucking with our car.