The Creepy And Mysterious, Yet Also Whimsical, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Voyage To Mu

…featuring her narcoleptic Aunt Frieda


The Doclopedia #1,061

Lost Letters: From Fiancee To A Mad Scientist

Dearest Victor.

I am so sorry we argued yesterday. It was my fault, darling, for not realizing that you need time alone to complete your important work, though I know nothing of what that work is. Please forgive me and know that I shall give you the time you need.

I must confess, darling, to a bit of naughtiness after you stormed out of the castle. You see, before I left for my parent’s home, I went into your laboratory and switched the labels on the brains you had in jars. The “Perfect” brain is now labeled “”Defective” and The “Defective” brain is now labeled “Perfect”. I also substituted the “10X Regenerative Solution” for the “2X”. Childish, I know and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

I shall be awaiting you at my parent’s home when you finish your project. I hope that is soon, so that we may get back to planning our wedding.