Aunt Pearl And The Sassy Bear

…final score, Aunt Pearl: 1, Sassy Bear: 0

People, Places & Things: Xenovirus T

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Harry Potter And The Flatulent Dragon

…actually MORE dangerous from behind

The Doclopedia #2

People, Places & Things: Xerilka

Xerilka is the female proprietor of “The Last Saloon”, a rough and tough roadhouse on the edge of the Terran Territory of Mars. It is, in fact, the last saloon you’ll encounter unless you travel all the way around the planet to the other side of the Terran Territories, at which point you’ll encounter “Bradbury’s”.

Tall, statuesque and totally beautiful, Xerilka looks as out of place in her saloon as a whore in church. She appears not to notice this incongruity and strolls among her clientele as tho she is just “one of the gang”. She is very well liked by all of them.

Xerilka’s past, or part of it, is a mystery. From birth to age 15, it is a matter of record that Xerilka Kastonikis lived on a farm in Greece with her parents and several siblings. By all accounts, her life was quite normal.

However, 5 months after her 15th birthday, Xerilka appears to have dropped off the face of the Earth (and Luna, Mars, Mercury, the various L-Colonies and the Outer Colonies, too) and did not reappear until exactly 20 years later, to the day. She never speaks about her “Lost Years” and will politely deflect any questions in that area.

As far as the Terran authorities can tell, Xerilka is not involved in any illegal endeavors, although the same cannot be said of all her regular customers. There is some question about her having regular contact with both the Martians and the DeHaJo, but nobody has caught her at it yet.

Xerilka is not married, has no lover that anyone knows about and has no close friends apart from her bartenders, Max, YingYing and Darcy, and her Barsoomian Terrier, Edgar.

Fig Beer

…sounds pretty nasty

People, Places & Things: X’on X’in

X’on X’in is a lost city located deep in the jungles of Ecuador. It was here that Doc Tempest and his crew (with the help of the primitive and dwarven natives)tracked down the villainous Dr. Bogenbroom and stopped him from using the Nightmare Seeds to conquer the world.

The surface city measures exactly one square mile, but the underground portion is easily three times that size. The exterior city is heavily overgrown by the mutant vine that produced the Nightmare Seeds, but the undercity is remarkably well preserved due to the natives who live there. Surrounded by thick jungle and deadly swamps, the only way into the city is by airship.

According to Doc and Professor Eric Jefferson, who deciphered some of the writings found in the city, it was established 2,500 years ago by about 300 Chinese who were mysteriously transported here from their native land. Doc strongly suspected that this was due to the Ecuadorean natives eating the Nightmare Seeds, which unlock powerful psychic abilities in some humans.

It seems that the new Chinese arrivals interbred with the natives while building the city and their descendents ruled for several centuries. Then, in a single night, the majority of the cities populace died horribly. The remaining survivors fled to the undercity, where they spent much of the next 1,800 years.

Today, the city remains unknown to most of the world, but the natives can now live on the surface, since the mutant vine mutated out of it’s dangerous form.