Doc Tempest VS The Russian Robots

…from the July, 1956 issue


The Doclopedia #944

 Pie!: Sausage Pie

Here you go, folks, a nice hot sausage pie. Dig in, but mind that hot gravy. You know, the crust on this one really turned out nice. I think I might be learning how to cook. Heh heh heh.

Oh, I learned this recipe from an old Italian hunting dog, back when I was in the Canine Pup Scouts. He was helping us get our Tracking merit badges and we’d go way out in the woods to track everything from rabbits to bears. At days end, he’d cook up all sorts of tasty things, including a sausage pie like this one. Of course, his version was a good bit more rustic than this.

Those are sweet potatoes, ma’am. I swapped them in for the usual potatoes because they just taste so much better. Same thing with the addition of artichoke hearts. And you’ll notice I added herbs to the dough for extra flavor.

Don’t worry about not finishing. I’ll just give the table scraps to my human, Albert. He’s a good boy, but like all humans he’ll pass up his human food for a chance at dog food.




The Doclopedia #945

Pie!: Coconut Cream Pie

The Great Mutation Outbreak of 1998 can be traced back to an apprentice baker in St. Louis, Missouri who came to work after a night of partying with his friends in an old chemical warehouse on the outskirts of town. Apparently, several random chemicals had found their way into his hair without him knowing it. These then got into 24 coconut cream pies that he baked.

All of the pies were sold early and 6 of them were taken to other parts of North America, including as far away as Quebec. Everybody who ate those pies found themselves mutating into a hideous monster over the next 48 hours. Worse yet, of course, was the fact that their bodies leaked out a clear liquid that had the same mutagenic effect. This got into water supplies and things got far worse in the next two weeks.

Fortunately, the chemicals broke down a few days after they entered the water, so the outbreak was confined to North America. Once the government had eradicated all of the mutants, things went back to normal.


The Mystery Of The Innocent Butler

…or was he?

Woohoo! New Doclopedia theme today and it all about Pie! Well, OK, pie and other stuff. But, you know, Pie!

The Doclopedia #943

Pie!: Blueberry Pie

Yes, ma’am, my partner and I was wondering if you’d have any odd jobs we could do in exchange for maybe a bite to eat of that blueberry pie you have coolin’ on the window and lettin’ us sleep down by that creek that cuts through your property. It’s been a dog’s age since we had homemade pie and that there one smells like heaven. We can do all sorts of stuff, ’cause unlike some guys ridin’ the rails, we ain’t got a fear of hard work.

Oh, no, ma’am, Pete don’t talk much anymore. See, when we was comin’ up back in Chigago, we run afoul of bootleggers back in ’26. They come real close to beatin’ us to death before that Shifter fella stopped ’em. Anyway, Pete got his throat hurt and now talkin’ is a chore for him.

Yes, Ma’am, we saw The Shifter right up close. He was tossin’ them bootleggers around like they was ragdolls, laughin’ all the while and tellin’ ’em to go back to their bosses with the word that crime had a new enemy in Chicago and he was it. After they was either dead or run off, he helped me and Pete into a big black car, then took us to a doctor that patched us up no charge and gave us five bucks each to boot! That Shifter fella is aces in my book, I tell ya.

Oh, why, thank you, Ma’am. Here ya go, Pete, warm blueberry pie. Mmmm Mmmm, this is delicious, Ma’am. Now, soon as we finish it, how about we split and stack that wood you got over yonder?”

The Wonderfulness Of Eating Pie

…blueberry pie with whipped cream

The Adventure By Poll Thing

Ok, so now we have our locations…

At the Lake Of The Pines resort, our creepy villain will cause all manner of trouble in The Woods Nearby, The Main Lodge, The Boathouse/Docks, The Cabins and The Small Island Just Offshore. The police in the nearby town of Grogan’s Corner (I had to flip a coin to break the tie with Pine Gap) have called Our Heroes to investigate.

Next post: I put all of the pieces together for your amusement and/or use in a game.