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The Doclopedia #1,401

Starships: Ventraxian Cruiser

To we Terrans, a Ventraxian would look like a cross between a centipede and a praying mantis. They measure about 7 feet from head tail. Their home systems are within 5 light years of each other and they inhabit a total of 5 planets there. While not a militant race, the Ventraxians do contribute 20 fully crewed cruisers to the defense forces of Galactic Sector (GalSec) 3399-A, which is also the sector our Earth is in.

Ventraxian cruisers are U shaped vessels with the bow being at the bottom of the U and the jump drives being on the two ends. All of their jump drives are J-5 or better. Most of the cruisers are 600 feet long (1,200 feet long if stretched out straight) and have an exterior color of green and blue. The ships tend to be fast, but not as maneuverable as other cruisers. For many species, the warm and humid interior is uncomfortable.

The ships typically have seven decks, with the middle deck being the officer and crew quarters and, toward the stern, the storage area. The top three decks are command, weapons and science. All lower decks are engineering and shuttle bays. The whole ship is equipped with class 7 defensive shields. The main weapons are anti-matter torpedoes and hellblasters. The average crew complement is 500.

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