Chicken Soup For The Free Range Celtic/Portuguese White Boy’s Soul

…assuming said “soul” was not sold to satan years ago for ale & whores & pie

Ok, folks, I’m finally feeling in a writing mood lately, but not sure what y’all would like to read about, so here is a poll concerning a few gaming related projects. The one with the most votes gets written about.

My Zombie Romance

…it was great until she tried to eat my brain

The Adventure Building Poll, Second Phase: The Army Of Terror

By overwhelming vote, the Nazi bastards have built their Creeper training center in the caldera of a dormant volcano. Naturally, after a series of thrilling brushes with death, Our Heroes infiltrate the base.

But wait! Some of the good guys have realized that this whole island is more geologically unstable than Herr professor Baden realizes.

Meanwhile, Baden is testing a new terror gas on hapless prisoners.

And then, the strange killings start. Killings that leave the victim’s corpse petrified and with the most terrible looks on their faces…and their eyes melted.

Next poll tomorrow.

Purple Cheese Whiz

…the product, not discolored cheese urine

Once Again, I Leap Headlong Into Potential Disaster

Ok, so a time or two in the past, I’ve attempted to do a post a day on some topic…most notably, my noble 2006 effort to post a different character every day. Well, my little barbecued pork buns, I’m going to give it another try. This time, I’ll do People, Places & Things…and I’ll do them alpabetically, one letter per week. When I use up the alphabet, I’ll start over again.

Now here’s where you come in, Gentle Reader…I want you to choose the letter I start with! So take this poll and I’ll start the posts in about 48 hours.

Doc Tempest VS The Pleasure Droids

…from the April, 2009 issue

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Altho I know she’ll never read this blog, I want to wish my mom a Happy 79th Birthday. She’s a pretty exceptional gal. Also, I want to thank her for letting myself, my sister Rosie and my brother Kelly live to adulthood. Goodness knows that couldn’t have been an easy decision:)

Grace and I will take mom out for brunch next weekend, due to this weekend being booked up by my sibs and nieces & nephews.

Poll Time!

Weekend Plans

Dog park…housecleaning…bathe dogs…go to movies…garden…cook meals…dog park…shop…garden…housecleaning…Game Day…more cooking…rest

And now, I’m outta here!

Las Dos Basset Hounds Contra Las Gatitas Diablos

…en Technicolor

Fantasy World Building Poll #3 Results

Assuming that the presence of magic in the world is cyclical, is magic on the:

Magic is on the increase

There are several smallish continents, plus a few islands

The world’s overall climate is about the same as our Earth, but wetter

There are 2 moons in the sky

So there we have it: an overall idea of the world and how it is populated. The next poll will focus on the various countries that the intelligent races live in.

And now, I’m off to work.