Hagfish In A Sports Car

…Yeah, it makes no sense to me, either

Amnesia & Magic

Poll for Part Two

So, as their hands touch for a moment, a jolt runs through Our Heroine and the Elf boy.  The question is, what’s up with that?

A:  They experience a quick sort of mind meld, learning a little about each other.

B:  Our Heroine learns something about the Elves in general and this boy in particular. The boy gets a boost to his overall health.

C:  She gets a bit of her memory back, he gets the health boost.

D:  All of the above.

Vote in the comments, folks!

Mr. Porkwaffle Buys A Goat

…which he then names Beatrice

Hello, my little woodland chums! The most recent poll has been closed and it would seem that the e-zine title Potawango Island Gazette and the idea of a fake gaming industry gossip column are both pretty popular. Thank you for taking the poll.

I started a second courier run at work yesterday. It’s only on Tuesday & Wednesday, but it gives me 9-10 much needed hours, as well as a chance to drive up in the mountains to Grass Valley, so it’s good.

Gotta go. More blogstuff later.

The Family Friendly, Yet Way Terrifying, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And Evil Zombie Santa Claus

…co-starring her Grandpa Boris

Hello, children! It has been a battle these past couple of days between your kindly old Uncle Doc and LiveJournal and this poor old laptop. Many times have I been nearly ready to throw the laptop away and then crush LiveJournal HQ under my sandaled feet.

Seems to be an LJ vs Opera problem. On Firefox now.

After some thought and comments by both doc_mystery and others, I’m scrapping the idea of a website for my writing in favor of a monthly PDF E-zine with a linked blog allowing for audience participation and comments. More details in the following poll.

It Was A Very Cheerful Apocalypse, As Such Things Go

…with singing and fudge and cartoons and pie and an open bar

Website thoughts

While revising and reviewing the vast number of characters/locations I did both here on LJ and in unpublished files, I’ve decided that I’m going to go with Theme Weeks when I put them up on the website. (which we are hoping will be launched in January) See, most of them were originally done as theme weeks, so half of my work is already taken care of.

With all of that in mind, I figured I’d list some new Theme Week ideas and let you, Gentle Readers, vote on them.

The House In The Woods Where The Singing Badgers Live

…You need to be really drunk to find it

The Adventure Building Poll, The Finale: The Army Of Terror

And so, we rap up our little adventure creation experiment. It was fun, folks, so we’ll do something similar soon.

After a day of resting up, Our Heroes hear that the Super Creeper is raising hell at the city market area. Rushing there, they find the now 10 foot tall and badly decomposing Super Creeper sending rotten vegetable golems after the terrified citizens. After they attack him, he summons up a swarm of flesh eating flies that head straight for El Santo.

Through fast thinking and the liberal application of lard, El Santo is saved is safe from the flies long enough for Our Heroes to kill them using fire. Then they turn their attention to the Super Creeper.

And that’s when a dozen Nazis attack!

A three way fight breaks out, with the good guys and the Super Creeper finally getting the upper hand on the Nazi scumbags. However, the last surviving Nazi manages to`get in a powerful hit on the Super Creeper by using a strange looking gas grenade.

Crazed with fear and pain, the huge monster flees the city, but Our Heroes easily track him to a huge cavern, several miles outside the city. There, they launch a final assault on the Super Creeper, who finally pretty much just rots away. The group’s scientists will take samples of the rotting tissue and send it back to the labs at HQ.

After that, there will be much merrymaking at the huge fiesta celebrating the destruction of the monster. Then, bidding El Santo and La Bruja Blanca goodbye, Our Heroes head off to their next action packed adventure. But…

…about a month later, they learn that the plane carrying the samples of tissue crashed somewhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains south of Yosemite. And now, some strange stories are surfacing about something huge, dangerous and terrifying heading north along the mountain range.