Have You Ever Made Love In A Tree?

…Helpful hints: Avoid ones with pitch and ant colonies


The Doclopedia #21

Pulp Era Dogs & Cats: Baron Wolf Von Hund


Baron Wolf Von Hund was born into a family of wealth and privilege. They spoiled him terribly, but at the same time expected much of him. At a very young age, he was sent off to military school, where he excelled. A voracious reader, he was knowledgeable on dozens of subjects.

Later, in the army of the Kaiser, young Wolf proved to be a fearless warrior and lead his troops to one victory after another. He moved quickly up the ranks, achieving the position of General just before the end of the Great War.

After the war, Von Hund kept a very low profile. He built up a private espionage organization that was the equal of any in the world. He also devoted a large portion of his personal wealth to aiding scientists, some a bit less orthodox than others, in their experiments. Most of them got nowhere Von Hund considered useful, but a very few attracted more of his attention and funds. They included Dr. Klaus Mongrel, master of energy weapons…Professor Corgi, the female scientist who can create zombies…Dr. Yipyap, the tiny robotics genius from Mexico…and the mysterious scientist known only as “The Brain”, who dabbles in a dozen fields of science and nearly as many kinds of magic.

When the Nazis rose to power, Von Hund knew it was time to offer his services. He is now the big dog in charge when it comes to acts of espionage, terror and sabotage. It is work that the Baron enjoys quite a lot. Unfortunately, he is constantly bedeviled by the likes of Bark Savage, Drummond Bulldog, Indiana Bones, Duck Tracy, Secret Agent K9 and other upstart Americans and Brits.

Wolf Von Hund is a large Doberman Pinscher of early middle age, but is in better shape than most dogs half his age. He is deadly in paw to paw combat, is a crack shot, an ace pilot and never ever loses his cool. To underestimate the Baron is a big mistake that you will regret…if you live long enough.

Doc Tempest vs The Mind Wrecker

…from the September, 1954 issue


The Doclopedia #20

Pulp Era Dogs & Cats: Bark Savage, The Dog Of Bronze


Who is Bark Savage?

To the world at large, Bark Savage is a strange mysterious figure of glistening bronze fur and golden eyes. To his amazing co-adventurers (the five greatest brains ever assembled in one group) he is a dog of supercanine strength and protean genius, whose life is dedicated to the eradication of evil-doers. To his fans he one of the greatest adventure heroes of all time, whose fantastic exploits are unequaled for hair-raising thrills breathtaking escapes and bloodcurdling excitement.

That’s what the pulp magazines that publish his (often heavily edited) exploits say, and they are pretty much spot on.

Professor Barclay Rex Savage Jr. was raised from puppyhood to be the ultimate example of a canine: physical perfection and a mind that was more than equal to any of the great minds of canine history. His parents, Barclay Sr. and Lily, used advanced teaching techniques and a small army of scientists to make their son the dog he is today.

Bark’s headquarters, as of 1935, are in the 85th floor of the Empire State Building (the 86th floor is taken up by humans). There, among many of his latest inventions, he lives with his five old friends and aides. They are…

Andrew “Monkey” Playfair, the powerfully built Chacma Baboon who is the worlds leading chemist.

Hamilton “Ham” Beaks, an elegant and brilliant Hyacinth Macaw who is perhaps the greatest lawyer that ever lived.

Thomas “Long Tom” Katinsky, a scrawny looking, yet surprisingly dangerous, electronics genius and that rare thing, a cat raised by dogs.

William Hopper “Hoppy” Littledown, tall and thin, is a kangaroo archaeologist and linguist of world renown who never uses a short word when a long one will do.

John “Speedy” Runquick, world famous engineer and horse with a dour face and door busting hooves.

Bark and the boys are often joined on adventures by his cousin, Pet Savage, a bitch who is never to be underestimated.

For much more info on Bark Savage, we refer you the book “Bark Savage, His Apocalyptic Life”.

Thuggish Quail Intimidated My Rooster

…damn those quail gangbangers!

The Doclopedia #19

Pulp Era Dogs & Cats: Ping Ping


Throughout Southeast Asia and the islands of the South Pacific, an area filled with more dangers than most people see in a lifetime, one name above all fills the hearts of even the bravest with fear: Ping Ping.

Her real name and her past are known to no living soul, but her reputation as the ruthless leader of the Sky Pirates, the Sisterhood of Assassins and most of the Asian Feline underworld are well known. She rewards loyalty well and punishes incompetence or betrayal with a long slow torturous death. She never appears in public, preferring to stay inside her secret stronghold on Dragon Island.

Ping Ping is a genius at devising deathtraps, poisons and grand criminal schemes. Rumor has it that she studied under both Dr. Fu Miaochu and Professor James Meowriarty. Regardless, her list of vanquished enemies is long. All have fallen before her…except one.

That one is Aircat, the dashing American daredevil pilot and champion of good. He has escaped from some of her worst deathtraps and foiled some of her best plans. On two occasions, he has even escaped from her stronghold. One of those times, he even got the better of her and kissed her. The sole witness, who to this day has not spoken of what he saw, witnessed the definite effect that kiss had on her. He is sure that on that day, Ping Ping fell in love with Aircat. This may be why, despite his many trespasses against her, she refuses to order his death. Her standing order now is “capture him alive and unharmed and bring him to me”.

Ping Ping is a blue/grey and white female long haired cat. She is slender, long of leg and has piercing green eyes. She typically wears either a lounging robe or a white lab coat. She is always attended by 2 large tom cats and her assistant, Miss Jasmine.

Chapter 245: In Which Our Hero Plays A Crafty Game Of Cards, Befuddles A Vicar And Drinks Gin

…all while looking dashingly good


The Doclopedia #18

Pulp Era Dogs & Cats: Aircat


Coming Soon to this theater:

The Adventures of Aircat!

Based upon the actual exploits of the famed feline adventurer!

SEE! Aircat and his trusty crew on their secret South Pacific island HQ!

THRILL! To the amazing aerial feats they perform while battling the Air Pirates of the Orient!

GASP! At the deathtraps that await our brave hero!

All of this and more in The Adventures of Aircat!

Aircat! All the females want him, including the insidious Oriental mastermind, Ping Ping.

Aircat! Tough as nails both on the ground and in the air!

Aircat! In love with Katrina Kittington, daughter of Lord Kittington, the man determined to bring the outlaw ace to justice.

Aircat! Master of the skies!

The Adventures of Aircat!


James Catney as Aircat
Kat Hepburn as Katrina
Purrna Loy as Ping Ping


Humphrey Bobcat as Max
Boris Katloff as Lord Kittington
Buster Katon as Smokey
Wallace Purry as Jake

And introducing Dorthy LaMeow as Princess Felina

The Adventures of Aircat!

Coming Soon!

The Highly Comedic, But Also Dramatic, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Seven Happy Hamsters

…co-starring her 2nd best friend, Annie Axlegrease

The Doclopedia #17

Pulp Era Dogs & Cats: El Tigre

In the Mexican city of Durango, feline organized crime is rampant. Controlled by the mysterious Senior Jaguar, these bad cats are into everything from extortion to loansharking to murder for hire. The police are either on the payroll or too afraid to do anything. Even the once powerful Canine Mafia has been run out of town. Things look very bad for the honest kitties of Durango.

But recently, a champion for good has shown up. From out of nowhere, a fearless masked luchador known as El Tigre has taken up the fight against the criminal scum!

His true identity is known only to him, but everyone in Durango knows his orange & black striped mask and uniform. El Tigre is a large cat, easily 30 pounds and very well muscled. His voice is deep, but kind when talking to people of good will and children. When speaking to criminals, he growls a lot, which scares them.

El Tigre mostly uses his great strength and fighting skills to vanquish evil doers, but has been known to use various gadgets, too. The most commonly used ones include a sleeping gas gun and smoke bombs. To get from place to place quickly, he drives a sporty little car that is armor plated and has twin machine guns.

This champion of good has been so successful in his quest that Senior Jaguar has taken to using mad scientists and supernatural creatures to try and stop him. But despite having everything from a werecoatimundi to Aztec cat mummies to a robot parrot thrown at him, El Tigre has emerged triumphant!

On a few occasions, El Tigre has teamed up with the famous canine luchador, Diablo Chihuahua. When this happens, it has been known to make some mobsters quit on the spot and get honest jobs.