Zargo, The Mutant Penguin From Planet Y

…he’s like, 75 feet tall and spits fireballs

Puppy Bowl V…your alternative to the fuckin’ Superbowl.
With kittens doing the halftime show! KITTENS!

Just sayin’…



Man, was that Puppy Bowl ever a nail biter! And could the officiating have sucked just a bit more? I mean, calling Unnecessary Ruff-ness on Jackson, the Golden Retriever(and Rookie of the Year), when it was crystal clear that the real roughness was coming from that big Visla pup who had him pinned down! And where was the so call ref when the water bowl went dry about 7 times? I mean, you could see it every time they cut to the Dish-Cam.

Still, despite poor reffing, it was a good game, with the Kitty Half Time Show being particularly cute this year.

After the game, Grace did some homework while I watched “The Aristocrats” on dvd. I had forgotten how funny most of the film was, especially the mime telling the joke. I’ll be watching the special features and such tonight.

Time for work. More deathless prose and mad babbling later.

Super Nano Warrior Zuki

…the new anime all the kids are talking about

About that big Bowl Game

Grace and I will be watching it. No, no, not the fucking Super Bowl…we hate fuckin’ football…I’m talking about Animal Planet’s third annual Puppy Bowl! Back this year is the Kitty Half Time Show and they have added a Tail Gate Party with real tails!

As far as the players go, my money is on Bess, the All American Mutt and Spencer, the Cairn Terrier…altho Gypsy the English Bulldog looks like he might be a real scrapper.

My beer, salsa and chips are ready for tomorrow and I’ve got snacks ready for the girls.

Football, bah! Give me puppies any day