Worm Salad On A Stick

…yum yum

Hot Stuff, with Lobster Sauce

1: My last dream before waking up involved erupting volcanoes, tropical islands, gospel singing fish, stupid humans and an escape plane that started to come apart over the mainland. Pretty normal, by my standards.

2: My plan for the “Hogwarts” RPG series that should start the end of January is…

Muggles know all about Wizards, since this is still the same fantasy world we’ve been playing in.

There are races other than Human, most notably Elves, Dwarves and Halflings.

No Voldemort type of baddie, tho there is evil afoot.

The focus will be much more on being students and…

…exploring Hogwarts itself, which is a humongous castle (and grounds) that has survived since before the Wizard Wars 500 years earlier.

Quidditch is WAY different. Now, it’s more like a cross between golf & rollerderby played in an X-Men style Danger Room.

3: I’m halfway thru “The Fellowship of the Ring”, which I’m really only reading a few pages of every day. I had forgotten how much Professor Tolkien liked telling the reader how EVERY FRIGGING PERSON, PLACE AND THING had 3-4 tonguetwisting names. Still, it’s a fun read, especially as I mentally compare it to the movie.

4: My writing prep for the Big Website Debut continues. I have added at least a few sentences to all of the characters I did back in 2006 and in some cases, I have expanded them greatly. Same goes for the locations. I’m now starting on some creatures and devices.

5: Speaking of the Big Website Debut, we are looking at early to mid January. Much depends upon how much time my Overworked Cutie Pie can devote to getting it set up.

More bloggage later.

Are Two Women Aged 20 The Equal Of One Woman Aged 40?

…I think not, but I’d really have to try all three:)

Ugh! Slept for shit last night due to going to bed at 1 AM and then being awakened 4 times throughout the night. Winker woke me twice, Grace woke me once and that middle aged need to get up and take a leak got me once. It’s gonna be a long day.

In the nearly inevitable other news, I’ve decided to re-read books I’ve only read once or haven’t read in at least 25-30 years. First up is The Hobbit, followed by The Lord Of The Rings. I’ve only read them once, back in late September 1976, while I was waiting to get out of the Navy. Thanks to some creative thinking and decisive action, I managed to have 10 days with nothing to do before I got out on October 4, so among other things, I read those books. It will be interesting to read them again at a more leisurely pace (I read them in 4 days flat the first time) and with movie images now firmly burned into my brain.

In final news, I still have not watched Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog yet. Will do that tonight.

It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Gets Buggered By A Mutant Echidna

…like, OW!

Just A Big Ol’ Bunch O’ Stuff

1: Watched the debate…decided that, besides being an out of touch old motherfucker, McCain has something wrong with him, possibly of a neurological order.

2: I’ve been thinking a lot about the basic premise of City of Ember and I’m damned if it couldn’t be ported over to a post apocalyptic steampunk setting (which C of E is, kinda) and make a wicked cool RPG series. Possibly for my alternate RPG group, the Cannibal Pygmies. Let’s see…a huge dome instead of an underground lair…lots of steampunkery, but resources are running out…and the dome is starting to decay…hmmm.

3: My plan for dealing with the coming economic depression and the collapse of Civilization As We Know It (don’t I wish), assuming I can find a fucking job, is to get Grace and I out from under a couple of crushing debts, then do what I can gardenwise to lower our food costs. And yes, that includes a couple of chickens and ducks. As for money making, I have some small options (all legal, Ms. C:)that won’t bring in a lot of $$, but will help out. Fortunately, Grace and I no longer have credit cards, so that blight on society is not something that can bite us.

4: I’m about 10 stories in on The World of Jeeves and I’m really enjoying me some Wodehouse. I first read some of these stories (along with a couple about Psmith) at my Aunt Pearl’s house when I was about 12 or 13. I liked them back then, but I’m understanding the nuances and lingo much more than I did as a young chappie.

5: The Brewerton Village Poll #3 is going along nicely and I urge y’all who have not taken it to do so. I’m pretty sure smuggling of one sort or another will be running rampant in our village after this poll. And is it just me, or does robin_d_laws name for the town drunk sound like something George Lucas would create for Star Wars?

6: Today is, after I walk my Faithful Hounds to the park, “Mr. Fix It Day” for me. I’m going to putter about the old homestead fixing small, inexpensive, problems. Later, I’ll morph into “Doc Cross, Househusband” and wash up some dishes, do some laundry and cook up some dinner. After that, I’m gonna watch my latest Netflix offering The Giant Behemoth. No doubt with a certain one eyed dog on my lap.

And now, I’m off to entertain my canine kids.

How To Care For Your Pet Xorn

…with many color photographs

Game Day
In about 90 minutes, my gaming group will arrive for the next installment in our ongoing “The Return Of Magic” series. There should be action and adventure aplenty in today’s episode.

Steampunk Reading
Yesterday, as part of a mystery shopping obligation, I had to buy a paperback book at a local book merchant. The book I settled on was Extraordinary Engines, a steampunk anthology. I have yet to crack it open, mostly because I’m currently reading my way through The World Of Jeeves (36 Jeeves & Wooster stories). Still, I’m a big fan of steampunk so I reckon I’ll enjoy it.

Upcoming Stuff On This LJ
A few things to look forward to this week…

The story of how I boosted a cop car, told entirely in LOLCat captions

Another Village Poll, this time open only to those NON-Villagers among you.

My plan for dealing with the current economic crisis and my ongoing unemployment.

And now, I must tidy up before the gamers arrive.

How Many Times Does 1 Go Into 2? 5…Twice With The Blonde, Three Times With The Redhead

…not based upon any recent real life events

Well, My Gentle Readers, today was one of the more productive days of my unemployment (Soon To Begin It’s Fourth Smash Month!), since I pretty much evenly divided it between writing and grocery shopping. As always, there was plenty of dishwashing, dog walking, laundry doing, psoriasis fighting sunlight sitting and dinner cooking in between. Below, a list of stuff I did from the two primary categories.

1: Wrote 400 words on the Secret RPG Project that I will most likely not be able to send samples out to some of you until next week.

2: Put down rather copious notes about the world and characters in the Doc Tempest universe. My stack of reference books include GURPS Who’s Who 1&2, GURPS Timeline, GURPS Swashbucklers, Rand McNally Road Atlas, Map of San Francisco and a big pile of Castle Falkenstien books. On the interwebs side, I was all over Wikipedia and Google.

3: Went to SaveMart and bought a bunch of canned foods, milk and dry staples like pasta and stuff.

4: Finished the four main characters for the Fall Fantasy series. Will do two more (for the prospective new players) this weekend.

5: Hit the bakery thrift store and bought bread, a cake and strawberry preserves.

6: Wrote up 4 ideas for a TOON article for Pyramid, but I’m wondering if my heart is still in wrting Toon stuff.

7: Went to Smart & Final and bought large, yet modestly priced, amounts of meat, plus bigass sizes of everything from peanut butter to Chipotle Tabasco Sauce.

Not necessarily in that order.

Oh, and while laying out in the sun for 45 minutes around noon, I read more of Sidhe Devil, the sequel to Aaron Allston’s very enjoyable Doc Sidhe.

And now, to bed for me.