I Love The Smell Of Gamma Rays In The Morning

…they smell like HULK SMASH!

The Road To DogCon 3: This Year’s Route

As we all know, the imaginary con takes place in the fictional town of Wilted Springs, Texas. Normally, we would drive either south (thru California or Nevada to Arizona), then turn east…or go east (thru Nevada, Utah and Colorado, then turn south (well, southeast, actually). This year, Grace & I went all funny in the head and decided to drive north (up I-5 to Washington), then turn east and southeast (until we reach St. Louis), and THEN head on down to Texas. Why? In three words: Boredom and Joneses. The boredom part comes from having driven all or part of the other routes several times on our way to various cons. This time, we want to try something different, even if it is imaginary.

The second part has to do with meeting up with our friends Spike, Mary & Miranda Jones and driving in a small convoy to DogCon together. Everyone agreed that this would be fun. Just as a note here, the Jones family is not imaginary, despite their best efforts.

So, our Official 2010 DogCon 3 route will include these states…

California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & California again. Grace has found some interesting tourist attractions for us to stop at, including such marvels as The Rock Shaped Like A Dinosaur Head, The World’s Largest Litter Box (our imaginary cat, Flash is all for that one), The Museum Of Ordinary Folks and The Wino Hall Of Fame. It should make for a great trip.

Of course, to cover all that distance we’ll have to start a bit earlier than in previous years. We’ll be heading out in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, July 21st (pretty much 2 weeks from now) and arriving in Wilted Springs 2 weeks after that. And I’ll be blogging every day of the trip.


Stalking The Wild Canadian Roleplayer

…in Texas

CatCon2: Day 0, Part One

(NOTE: The following is all fictional.)

Greetings from CatCon2! Well, the con officially starts tomorrow at 9:00 am, but we are here in Wilted Springs now…along with several thousand other gamers.

We actually arrived at 10:30, having been too excited to sleep in late. Initially, our plan was to arrive about noon and meet our friends the Joneses for lunch. Since we arrived early, we checked into the hotel and just kinda relaxed. Did I mention that the entire top floor of this hotel has all of the rooms reserved for Guests of Honor and Featured GMs? Well, it does! Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

About 11:00, Spike called me to say they were in town and on the way to the hotel. We took The Girls to the 10th floor, which is completely given over to an indoor dog park and about 30 minutes later (and several laps of chasing a robotic rabbit for Lucy) we were joined by Spike, Mary and Miranda.

Our lunch of choice was dim sum and it was pretty damned good. Normally, at a con, the next thing we would have done was cruise over and get out badges and goodie bags, but this year, the con had them ready to be handed out by the hotel staff when we checked in. That set the cool meter up to 11, I tell ya.

Anyway, we are all in our room now, comparing swag (which differs for each person, depending on how you filled out your con application back in January) and chatting.

More blogging later.