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A Piece Of My Dreams

Ok, so last night, I had a very clear and not too screwy dream. I can still remember 90% of it, hours after waking up.

Co-starring in this dream were…

My wife, Grace
Robin D. Laws
Patrick Stewart
Spike Y Jones
Bette Davis
My dear friend avylou
assorted character actors and extras

The dream started off with myself, Robin and Spike chatting at some game company booth at a con. Oddly, Robin had hair nearly as long as mine and Spike (who has hair longer than mine) had medium length hair. Anyway, the scene quickly shifted to the three of us, plus Bette Davis (who was, I think, my grandmother in this dream) in a rocky and remote pine forest, looking at a gleaming glass and steel building about the size of a house.

Bette told us that there was a huge secret in there, so we walked in. It took us only moments to figure out that this was a secret (but obviously unguarded) government facility for storing monsters and aliens. Robin managed to crack the security on the elevator and we went way down underground to a floor that stretched off for miles and was lined with cryovacced monsters just waiting for somebody to hit the “THAW” button.

But before we could do it, we dreamshifted to a room full of monitors that showed us Patrick Stewart and a shitload of heavily armed government thugs entering the facility. Bette had vanished, but we found a locker full of weapons and…a bigass motorcycle with a sidecar. I drove, Spike sat behind me and Robin was in the sidecar. We were armed to the teeth and began driving up a heretofore nonexistent ramp towards the surface, blowing away government mooks with a style that would make John Woo and Clint Eastwood weep with joy.

And then the dream shifted to the three of us, plus avylou and Grace, riding along in an electrically powered vehicle that looked like a cross between a pickup and a golf cart. We were travelling thru an area that I have visited in at least 3 other dreams in the past 6 months: a very steeply hilly version of the area I grew up in, near Loma Rica, California. The whole area was dotted with little dying villages and towns and we stopped to talk to lots of people, all of whome were very nice, but poor as hell.

Finally, the dream ended as we stopped for gas at a little town next to what looked like Mono Lake.

Later, I had a short dream that Winker had cornered a small wallaby in the living room.