A Total Sex Monkey

…oddly, it was not an insult

If It’s Sunday, It Must Be D&D Day!

After many years of playing RPGs only at cons, last August I started playing in a D&D 5th edition game run by Jessica Miller, a local DM. So far, we have played one multi-month series that ended when we either died or became free of curses by traveling through time. It was a satisfying and proper ending.

The next series was a pirate based one, but after about a dozen sessions, Jessie admitted that she was having a hard time getting a handle on it, so we created new characters for what is pretty much a “you are hired to explore…” scenario. So far, it has been fun, partially because one of our characters speaks in an Elvis voice and my fighter sounds like Clint Eastwood before he got old and yelled at chairs.

We play every other Sunday from 4 pm until 8 pm.

But, I also wanted to run a D&D 5E series, too. I have a pretty cool setting, a 3,000 mile long, 3 mile wide trade route that spans a continent that, topographically, looks much like North America before Europeans got here. It can be used in three different eras. First Era is 5 years after the Great Road opens, when things are new and shiny. The player characters are Road Patrol cops, preserving law & order along a section of the Road that spans about 50 miles.

Second Era takes place 150 years later, when empires have arisen along the Road. In that one, the PCs would play secret agents of an empire spying on and stopping the machinations of other empires and their agents.

Third Era is 200 years after Second Era and 150 years after a continent spanning series of wars, zombie uprisings and magical storms. PCs in this era have been hired to explore the long abandoned Great Road.

It took me MONTHS (like 10 months) to get players and schedules together to start a series set in First Era. I ran about 5 introductory adventures fro about a dozen different players, but now have 3 regulars and possibly 2 or 3 more about sign on. So far, things are going well and they haven’t even reached their assigned duty station yet. But they did make it to second level!

We play every other Sunday from noon to four, but not on the same Sundays as the game I play in. Thus, every Sunday is now D&D Sunday for me. I’m pretty happy with that and my roleplaying plate is pretty full.

So why am I thinking of running a twice weekly Play By Post game online?




The Doclopedia #1,296

Strange Bandanas: The Red One With White Polka Dots

I own hundreds of bandanas. Many of them have strange stories connected to them. Here is one…

Of the several polka dotted bandanas I own, this one is by far the most dangerous, for it is possessed by a demon. His name is Traskadar and, if he is to be believed, he came into this particular bandana when the budding serial killed he possessed at the time fell into the cutting machine that cut the material into bandana sized chunks.

The first drop of blood spilled drew Traskadar into the square of cloth that became my bandana. This also forced him into a short period of dormancy, which prevented him from jumping into the poor people that packed the bandanas into boxes, the shipping employees and the end vendor. Since I bought the bandana less than 15 minutes after it was unpacked, I was the first person Traskadar tried to possess. Unfortunately for him, it turns out that I am near impossible to possess for any length of time. Neither of us can explain this and while I am very glad of it, Traskadar REALLY hates it.

Notice that I said near impossible to possess. Traskadar has possessed me twice. The first time was just after I bought the bandana and he had partial control of me for about 10 minutes. He ratcheted up my anger and tried to get me to drive somewhere and give the bandana to somebody else. Fortunately, I was so far out in the boonies that ever driving at 90 miles an hour failed to get me close enough to civilization before my demonic enemy faded away.

The second possession came when I was shitfaced drunk. This meant that within seconds of taking control, Traskadar was shitfaced too. He really couldn’t get me coordinated enough to kill or anything, so instead we just sang old doo wop songs really loud, which pissed off my roommates and neighbors.

I have since placed this bandana into a special metal box that Sasha tells me will slowly extract the demon out of the bandana and into the box itself. When that happens, we will send the box to Demon Earth 2, where Traskadar can be released safely.

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The Rare And Beautiful Groaning Red Armadillo Of Potawango Island

…they groan because oy, do they have troubles! Such troubles you shouldn’t know!

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The Doclopedia #1,203

Alt. Roleplaying: Dungeons & Droids

In this roleplaying game, players take on the role of Star Wars style droids that are stranded on a world where magic works. They are often trapped in a dungeon or forest full of fantasy creatures and races. The brave little droids must use all of their wits to get to safety.

Character creation is based upon spending build points for the body style, upgrades and programming you want your droid to have. Upgrades can include anything from jump jets to a built in repair kit.

Droids cannot use magic, but some can use magical weapons. On the plus side, few monsters will try to eat a droid. On the minus side, those that do can cause very serious damage.

The advanced rules book has rules for humanoid type droids, many new upgrades and several new monsters, including magically created droid/monster hybrids.

The Rare And Beautiful Giant Vampire Butterfly Of Potawango Island

…they have a 9 foot wingspan

Today, on top of several mystery shops, I must wash my stinky canine companions. I cannot tell you what fun that will be.

In other news, I’m formulating plans to get my gaming group back together starting in January.

And now, it’s wet dog time.

Caution: Contents May Cause Brain Melting

…or itchy feet

Ok, kids, Uncle Doc has a couple of questions for all the Roleplaying Gamers out there. Yes, that includes you folks involved in the industry side of the hobby, cos yer still gaming geeks.

Question 1: If you are a PLAYER of table top RPGs, why? What do you get from it? What’s the attraction?

Question 2: If you are a GAMEMASTER of table top RPGs, why? What do you get from it? What’s the attraction?

My answers will appear tonight or tomorrow.