R. I. P. Roscoe Tiberius Cross (1989-2005)

…our boy

After several months of battling both a heart murmur and Cushing’s Syndrome, our sweet boy’s health took a sharp turn for the worse. This morning, at 9:45 AM, Roscoe was put to sleep by his vet.

Roscoe was about 10 when we adopted him and was an old set in his ways fart. He was also full of love and made us laugh. He was a friendly guy, unless you were a cat. Even then, he’d mostly just give a woof or two, then walk on.

He was a very good boy and we miss him terribly.

Edit from November 23. 2014: It is over a 9.5 years since Roscoe died and it still hurts me to read his obit up there. I miss you, old buddy.

Water Go Down The Hole!

Quote courtesy of Baby Plucky Duck on “Tiny Toon Adventures”

Holy shit! Just as few minutes ago the sky just opened up and dumped more rain in about 10 minutes than I’ve ever seen…even when I was in the tropics. Knocked out the power to everyone except us, looks like. And HAIL fell…a bunch of it. Hope it doesn’t damage my spinach and lettuce.

Roscoe got up outta bed in the middle of all that and wanted to go out and pee. I opened the front door for him (he was on a 16 foot leash) and he looked at the Weather From Hell and then gave me a “You have GOT to be shitting me” look…and then he peed on the porch. Which is what I would have done in his place.

Oh yeah, summer and the dry heat just can’t come fast enough for me.

Santo, The Blue Demon & Roscoe VS The Cat Women From Venus

What can I say, Roscoe is a big fan of Masked Mexican Wrestler Movies.

My morning began with a journey to Denio’s Farmer’s Market and Auction in Roseville, where bought half pound batches of Oolong and Assam tea from the lady who runs the herbal shop there. I’ve been buying tea, spices and herbs from her for…good lord a’mighty…28 years now. Her prices are good, the selection of spices & herbs is great and her selection of teas is pretty damned good. She is the only person I buy my yerba mate tea from, cos it’s just downright delicious.

Now, having fortified myself with a nuclear strength mug of Oolong, I’m on my way to do many garden chores before repairing Grace’s little folding cart (which she uses daily to haul all of her stuff from here to work and back. After that…It’s Chef Doc prepares Docburgers for Dinner time!

Such is my life, now that I’m fully domesticated, civilized and suburbanized:)

Yeah, right:)

Roscoe T. Cross And The Case Of The Tasty Hamburger

…but then, they are all tasty to him

Ahhhhh, Saturday! My Sweet Little Grilled Shrimp Taco Of Love and I have pretty good sized lists of things to do today and tomorrow. Her list consists mostly of variations on “study for algebra final”, while mine has such exciting events as “pull up more poppies from garden”, “plant potatoes and peas” and the ever popular “make and print labels for the 50 new music CDs that my friend Sally burned for me”. Woohoo!

Our clothes dryer crapped out a few days ago, so we need to buy a new one. And this just about a week and a half after we got a new washer.

I’ll be cooking up lots of stuff to eat this weekend so that we can freeze dinner sized portions of stuff. Once we do that, getting dinner ready every night will be easier for the next week or two.

Off to do stuff…more bloggage later.

Burned By The Rays Of A Sunny Disposition

Update on Sunday: Grace put off her Mothers Day dinner until this Friday, cos we were both tired.

Health update: The methotrexate is still whipping the ass of my psoriasis AND it ain’t killing me yet. Unfortunately, the fact that I can’t have alcohol while on this drug means that I’m craving beer like crazy.

Political Update: Conservative Republicans are still Evil, Moderate Republicans are still misguided, Democrats are still semispineless, Far Left Democrats are still mostly detached from harsh reality, Independents still want the best of both worlds but nobody gives a fuck.

Garden Update: The veggies are getting ready to take off like a ruptured duck. Lilies are starting to bloom, sunflowers are a mile high and in bloom, Asters, daylilies and all the daisies are popping out all over. The butterfly bush is already 3 feet tall and in bloom. My blue festuca grass clumps are, for the first time, flowering like crazy. And I STILL haven’t gotten my potatos planted.

Dog Update: Roscoe is still healthy, still spoiled and still convinced that he is just a short human in a fur coat.