Fruit Popsicles With Meal Worm Crunchies

…probably not for human consumption

Ok, folks, if you like Doctor Who even a little bit, you’ll love The Ten Doctors

In other news, I wish all of you a Happy Gluttony Day tomorrow:)


The Dungeon Adventure That’s So Scary It Will Make Your Face Melt

…not recommended for those with weak hearts, weak bladders or nervous conditions

An Open Letter To Nosy Old Neighbors

Dear Nosy Old Farts,

You have no idea what great amounts of pleasure I derive from your angst over my Driveway Compost Pile (official designation: C77-Beta). Your helpful hints such as “You know, the county will haul that off for free” and “If you moved that, you could park your car on that side once in awhile” and “You’re going to leave that there for a whole year?” are real kneeslappers, especially since you and I both know that the county, in these green oriented times, will not cite me for having a compost pile on my driveway. Just as they won’t cite me for having a raised bed herb garden on the driveway. Knowing that this galls you no end makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Of course, this is merely another chapter in the long tale of your preoccupation with my yard. Aah, the memories…your confusion when I would mow crop circles on the lawn…your alarm when I used a sod cutter to remove that same lawn…your outright horror that I would put a vegetable garden right there in my front yard…your bewildered and somewhat fearful glances when I would shout battle cries like “I’m coming for you and Hell’s coming with me” or (while brandishing my weed whacker) “Let me introduce you to little friend!” while I weeded my garden. And then, there are your secretive glances out the window as I do my garden chores while singing along to The Ramones or Frank Zappa or They Might Be Giants. Comedy gold, that.

So, dear neighbors, please keep up your nervous and indignant meddling. We loves it, we does. Oh, and please do come over and comment when I start putting up obelisks and such.

Almost Sincerely,

That Damned Hippie Gardener