Chocolate Frosting On A Chicken Fried Steak

…two great tastes that should ever stay apart


Ok, here are the back issues I have for sale. In some instances (generally, issues 50-89) I have duplicate issues. Oddly, and to my surprise, my collection has a huge gaping space from issue 94 to issue 135, since I only have issue 106.

Also, some issues have 1-2 missing back pages/cover and a very few have no front cover.

So, I’m keeping all the issues since I started subscribing (158 on) and I’m selling all the earlier issues for $2.50 a pop, which is what Lee charges for back issues. You pay postage and, if you buy enough of them, I’ll give you some sort of a discount.

I also have some back issues of Lords of Chaos…the first 12, I think. Same price.

Oh, and I have 2 reprint copies of A&E #1.

And now, here’s the list. If you want to buy any of them, send me an email at

Issues: 1-4, 6,7,9,10,20-37,39,40,42,43,45-84,87-90,92,94,106,135-140,153-157

In a way, it pains me to sell these, but I can use the $$ and sometimes you just need to get rid of stuff you don’t use. Actually, I’m even considering selling some of the issues I’m keeping…but I need to think on it.

Now, it’s time to slow cook pork chops in wine and herbs, so My Sweet Angel has a tasty dinner awaiting her when she gets home from work.