Squinky Goes Back To School

…in about three weeks


The Doclopedia #1,057

Islands of Adventure: Skunk Island

There are no skunks on Skunk Island and there never have been. This volcanic island gets it’s name from the sulfurous odors that come from geothermal activity, which is present everywhere. Geysers, mud pots, steam vents and hot pools are plentiful on this 6 mile wide island.

Animal life on Skunk Island is sparse and plant life is almost nonexistent. Only on a thin line near the beaches does much of anything grow. Few migratory birds ever stop here.

Despite the barren and often dangerous nature of the place, humans visit the island on a regular basis. Despite being claimed by Spain, you can often find British, Dutch, French and Portuguese ships anchored offshore. The reason? Rare minerals and waters with strange properties. Everyone from the Alchemical Guild to scientists to shadowy government agencies want them and enterprising merchants are willing to risk entire ships and crews to satisfy the demand. So why, you might ask, does Spain not have a constant patrol guarding this valuable spot? The answer is: “The Sea Beast”.

Most likely created by the strange mineral waters, the Sea Beast is a huge creature (200 feet long!) that lives in the deeper waters near the island. Any ship approaching risks being destroyed and her crew eaten. Loud noises attract the Sea Beast, as do lights at night and any pollution placed in the water. The British merchant ship “Pride of England” was totally destroyed when a crewman emptied a chamber pot over the side. Ships that dare to stop at the island coast in with sails reefed, quietly send in collection parties, stay no more than 4-5 hours, then set sail and haul ass for home. About 7 in 10 get away unharmed.

The Sea Beast resembles an armor plated lizard of some sort, or perhaps one of those “alligators” found in the New World. It is known to sometimes haul out of the water on the southern end of the island. It is nearly impervious to harm and very fast. It tends to swallow men whole.