London’s Crawling

…it just sort of “woke up” one day

The Doclopedia #1,135

Monsters Of The Circle Sea: Kul Kuru

Listen, matey, ‘cos I’m gonna tell ye about Kul Kuru, the great beast of the Torangiri Swamps. Them swamps must cover thousands of square miles, with plenty of rivers an’ streams fer large ships an’ small boats to sail up, if’n they be looking for privacy. Plenty of game an’ fruit, too. Good place to take on stores, so long as Kul Kuru don’t get ye.

Now, ol’ Kul Kuru is some sort of huge lizard-man thing. Stands maybe 10 feet tall, has a big mouth full o’ teeth and a tail maybe 7 feet long. That tail can hit like a whip an’ it’ll break a man’s leg for sure. He’s got 4 inch long claws on his hands an’ them’s razor sharp. Slice you up like a roast, they will.

Fer bein’ as big as he is, ol’ Kul Kuru can move real quite like. Most poor bastards don’t even know he’s near ’til he comes tearin’ outta the jungle, an’ by then it’s too late fer ’em. He killed 30 of the 45 men crewin’ the Green Dove in less that 5 minutes. Prob’ly ate most of ’em.

So you listen to me an’ steer clear of them swamps, matey! Now, if you’ll buy me another mug of ale, I’ll tell you about Miri Matol, the sportin’ lady who could breath through her ears.”


The Amazing Adventures Of Doctor Tempest And The Monster Of The Deep

…from the September, 1898 issue


The Doclopedia #1,067

Saloons, Bars & Pubs: The Golden Palace

Yessir, we’ll take real good care of him. Damned fine looking horse. Reminds me of one I had as a lad back in Ohio. Name of Samson and I’ll tell you, he was fast and high spirited, yessir.

Oh, if you’re looking for a drink and a good time, you get on down to the Golden Palace. Finest place in town and no watered down liquor. Mr. Arlen only has the best shipped in. And speaking of best, his young ladies upstairs are as pretty as any you’ll ever see. Talented, too, if you get what I’m meaning.

Plenty of gambling, if you’ve a mind to. Me, I’ve never had much stomach for risking my hard earned dollars. Poker? Oh, you bet! Mr. Arlen runs a poker game every night, in his back room. $50.00 buy in, just to keep out the riffraff.

You’re lucky to be getting into town on a Tuesday. Come Friday, the miners and cowboys flood in here and things get pretty wild. Damned shame we don’t have a sheriff anymore.

A U.S. Marshall? Well, whatever you’re here for, mister, good luck going up against Mr. Arlen and his boys. Say, those are some strange looking bullets on your belt.