Bananas On The Bed

…along with several drunken monkeys


The Doclopedia #1,083

Wait…What?: Polly Pond

Intrepid girl reporter Polly Pond covers the superhero beat for the Daily Times newspaper. When a city destroying battle breaks out, she’s there with her best pal and photographer, Pam Chu, to get the story. If there’s an interview with a superhero or villain to be had, Polly gets it. Oh sure, she’s been kidnapped a few times, but she always gets rescued and she always gets the story.

There are rumors that Polly has sometimes slept with heroes, villains and sidekicks to get the juicy gossip, but nobody has proven anything yet. That doesn’t mean the rumors aren’t true, just that there isn’t enough proof. Many of her reporter rivals would love to get the goods on her, but her demonic servant puts a stop to that.

Polly lives in a fashionable apartment on the Upper East side of town. She shares it with her cat, George and her cockatoo, Baby.

Bucky & Squint Are Back In Action

…lock up your liquor!


The Doclopedia #1,046

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About…: The Secret War

1: The Forces of Good are holding the line so far.

2: The Forces of Evil are readying a major attack.

3: The Forces of Chaos are readying itching powder and banana peels.

4: Think of 10 of your friends. Odds are, at least 1 of them is a Secret Warrior.

5: Due to the Plate of Wishing being used, history has been altered 3 times.

6: That big explosion on the moon? A botched attack by Evil.

7: All of those badgers running through Manchester? A distraction by Chaos.

8: Good has been recruiting dogs and cats. Nobody knows why.

9: There used to be another continent, but it was lost in a history change.

10: Do your part for the Secret War: Drink more green tea!

The Doclopedia #1,047

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About…: Being A Superhero

1: You have to get a permit from your local municipality. It costs $45.00.

2: You have to join the union if you want decent benefits.

3: X Mart sells pretty good costumes. Use the secret password “stanlee”

4: Once a year, in October, you have a 7 day period when you can become a villain.

5: Sidekicks are expensive and the regulations are a pain in the ass.

6: April 20th and November 9th are “No Super Days”, when heroes and villains get a day off.

7: Chafing and jock itch are big problems for many heroes

8: You get access to a secret internet.

9: You get great deals on secret hideouts, lairs, etc.

10: There are plenty of groupies of both sexes.

It’s All Fun And Games Until The Fat Man Gets Stuck In The Chimney

…and those damned elves just laugh at him.


The Doclopedia #908

Great Presents/Terrible Presents: …On A Superhero World

Great Present: A day off from heroing

Terrible Present: A hand crocheted cape



The Doclopedia #909

Great Presents/Terrible Presents: …A Post-Apocalypse World

Great Present: Food!

Terrible Present: A computer



The Doclopedia #910

Great Presents/Terrible Presents: …On A Robot World

Great Present: New upgrades!

Terrible Present: Food