Three Guys Walking Past A Graveyard

…and then a bobcat screams

Well, my little woodland friends, Game Day here at the House of C went very well. Since we had all pretty much forgotten what was going on in the last series, we started a new one. This time, we are playing AD&D first edition. The players created characters (1 mage, 1 thief, 2 swordsmen) and headed out (sans armor) to explore an old abandoned village. They found lots of loot, got treed by a wild boar, killed same, came home, sold much loot and are ready to go exploring again next session. And now, they’ll have armor.


The Doclopedia #82

People With Swords: Will the Wanderer


Poor old Will just wanted to rack up some easy money by looting the site of the Battle of Black River. There he was, loading his cart with weapons, armor and whatever else looked valuable, when he saw the Sword of Jeradus. Since General Jeradus was quite dead, Will decided to grab the sword as the capper to his day of looting. He now regrets that.

It seems that, as he lay dying, General Jeradus, cursed the sword to seek out the traitor who had caused his downfall. Thus cursed, the already powerfully magicked sword was just waiting to be picked up by some fool. Enter our friend, Will.

Now, Will wanders the lands looking for the traitor. He has no idea who the traitor is, but the sword will know if it gets within a mile of him. So far, Will has been wandering for 2 years. He will often hook up with an adventuring group, in order to earn some gold. Given how powerful the sword is, most groups are glad to have him.

Will cannot get rid of the sword until the traitor is killed. Believe me, he has tried.

Will is 5’11” tall, weighs 180 pounds and has long brown hair and brown eyes. He is fit and healthy, but sad and tired looking. The sword is a rather plain looking 2 handed greatsword.