The Rare And Beautiful And Deadly Flying Weaselcobra Of Potawango Island

…they are just crazy dangerous

The Trip to DogCon 3: Day 5, Part 2, In which we have a somewhat quieter drive, curry is eaten and my cat falls in love.

(Note: All comments by Flash are in italics)

The second, mostly downhill, half of our trip through Glacier National Park on the Going To The Sun Road was way quieter than the first half. This is because both Grace and Lucy fell into a deep sleep due to burning so much nervous energy on the first half of the trip, Sharon did a bit of self medication and Flash hid in the cupboard behind the bags of pasta & rice.

Winker and I had a fine trip, just cruising along on a narrow mountain road listening to reggae music and barking from time to time.

When we reached the St. Mary entrance on the far side of the park, we all got out to stretch our legs and, in the case of the more nervous, kiss the ground repeatedly while thanking Dog for delivering them from their near death. Well, Flash thanked Ceiling Cat, but the effect was the same.

By comparison to the earlier ride, the drive from St. Mary to Cut Bank was pretty tame, though we did see a mother moose and her calf, a few dear and a porcupine. As we drove along, Grace started heating up our dinner which we had cooked back home and froze for later trip consumption. Tonight, it was smoked pork curry. We ate dinner just after pulling in at the Lucky Beaver RV Park, located just north of Cut Bank. Mmmm, tasty tasty curry.

After dinner, we strolled around the place and met another bunch of travelers in a hippie bus (sans TARDIS unit, of course). Turned out that they were from Santa Cruz and there were 8 of them heading to Nova Scotia for some New Age/hippie get together.

At another campsite, we encountered a nice young family that had a sweet little West Highland White Terrier and a beautiful Maine Coon cat. A female. Who Flash instantly fell in love with.

Ol’ Flash was trying hard to get her to give him some sweet love, but I think the fact that she was 3 times his size and 4 times his weight kind of made her decide against it.

Oh man, was she HOT! That long hair…those eyes…that tail…daddy like! But she was all hung up on the size thing. I tried to tell her that once she tried Portuguese Jungle Cat, she’d never go back, but she had her mind made up. Too bad, baby. I could’a rocked your world.

After a nice walk, we went back to the bus and watched another alternate universe movie, “Live and Let Die”, but this one starred Sean Connery. After that, everyone but myself and Lucy went to bed, so she and I watched some Three Stooges shorts. Now Lucy is asleep and I will be hitting the California King sized sack soon.

Tomorrow: We drive across northern Montana to North Dakota, stopping at interesting places along the way.

Destination Sign: Camelot, Silly Version