How Come It’s TorTEEYA, But Not GodZEEYA?

…sometimes, my brain hurts


The Doclopedia #1,056

Islands of Adventure: The Island Of The Doomed

On Fantasy Earth 5, in the middle of the Ocean of Storms, there is an island with mostly rocky shores and a rough & hilly interior. It measures 5 miles long by about 2 miles wide. Fresh water, a rare find this far out in the ocean, is plentiful. Game animals and edible plants abound, but it is the very rare craft that stops here to replenish stores.

This is the Island of the Doomed, and only the most desperate seamen would go anywhere near it.

The island is inhabited by sentient beings from all over the world who died because somebody else Doomed them. Most of these Dooms came as the dying words of enemies or murder victims, but some were Doomed by the curses of those they betrayed. Whatever the case, the Doomed died under very specific circumstances and then found their spirits bound to the island. The oldest spirits have been here a thousand years. All of them want release and are convinced that the living can aid them in finding it. They will clamor around any living sentient and plead with them until the person either leaves or is driven to madness.

Ships that must stop here, usually for water, often use trained apes to go ashore and get it. It takes longer, but there is no risk of madness.