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The Doclopedia #1,392

The Over And The Under: What Is The Over?

From Rar Gosa Altiema, an Overling: The Over is where the True Humans live, up high and above the Death Cloud. It is a paradise where all are equal and free to pursue the arts and sciences, or just enjoy life. We have plentiful food and water, unlike the poor misguided wretches in the Under.

The Over is heaven, plain and simple.

From Sola Grymayn, an Underling: The Over is a very limited space with a stagnant culture. Overlings can never really enjoy nature or true freedom the way we can. They eat the same few fruits, vegetables and meats every day, never able to taste wild game or fresh fish or most herbs. The Overlings do not live, they exist.

The Over is Hell.