The Really Very Late, But Still Jampacked With Fireworks, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Expensive Shoes

…co-starring her pet dormouse, Wendy


The Doclopedia #1,175

Those Furry Little Bastards!: In Washington D.C.

This is a special bulletin from DNN!


Hello, I’m David Bentley with this breaking news. It appears that the Pitipati have converged on Washington, DC, and are wrecking havoc in the House and Senate. We have reports of House members being pelted with dog poop, ridden like horses and generally not being allowed to leave the building. Over in the Senate, the Pitipati are throwing rotten fruit at Senators and possibly attempting buggery on some tea Party Senators with pine cones.

Let’s go now to Jane Lewis at the White House…

Dave, we were told that the President would be out here in the Rose Garden to give us an update, but it seems that he has been rendered helpless with laughter and…

Sorry to cut you off, Jane, but we’ve just gotten word that the Pitipati are also in the Supreme Court. It seems that they are slapping the conservative justices in what I believe is called the “pimpslap” style. More on this as it develops.”

Mr. Porkwaffle Cooks A Stew

…but not without humorous mishaps


The Doclopedia #1,174

Those Furry Little Bastards!: At A Gaming Convention

Doc: “Oh shit! The Pitipati are here at the con!”

Spike: “That ought to liven things up.”

Doc: “I reckon. Raising holy hell usually does liven things up.”

Mary: “Do you think they’ll paint people like they did on Halloween in Baltimore?’

Miranda: “Oh hell no! It took a week to wash off that purple paint.’

Doc: “Hey, look, they’re building a castle out of dice.”

Spike: “Much to the chagrin of the dice dealers.”

Doc: “Good workmanship. And man, are those little guys fast!”

Grace: “Hi, guys! What’s…OH NO! Not the Pitipati! They ruined our garden last year!”

Doc: “Well, not exactly ruined. They mostly just swapped out our veggies for other veggies.”

Grace: “They gave us seven more zucchini plants and replaced the watermelon vines with radishes. And they annoyed the dogs.”

Doc: “Well, everything small & furry annoys the dogs.”

Spike: “Look, they’ve started to do a LARP. Looks like Expedition To The Barrier Peaks.”

Doc: “Where the hell did they get the tiny armor and weapons?”