The Rare And Beautiful Yellow Crested Horny Moose Of Potawango Island

…under no circumstances must you bend over if horny moose are about (not applicable to Canadians)

I just posted this on RPGnet…

Originally Posted by Lazarus: That said… the Savage World of Alton Brown.

Hmmm…that one could work…

Alton roams the country on his big bad motorcycle…accompanied by the American Iron Chefs…backed up by various food scientists back at Good Eats HQ…armed with a dizzying array of multitasking devices…fighting the Forces of Food Snobbery with good equipment, solid science, careful preperation and some serious asskicking.

Yeah, I’d play that game.

Curse me for a fool, because now I really want to run this game for some Alton Brown fans.
Aside for muskrat_john: If you think the above premise would make for a good cartoon or two, by all means, run with it.

A Very Strange Dream

I dreamed last night that I went to a strange high tech tattoo parlor and got my johnson tattooed with a really cool tie dye pattern. Enforcing the fact that it was a dream was Grace (who is pretty anti-tattoo where I’m concerned) saying how nice it looked. When I woke up, my first thought was “Man, I need to tell Spike about that place”. (and now, all of you who know Spike Y Jones are laughing:)

More bloggage later.