Harry Potter And The Sexy Spirit

…in which Moaning Myrtle is moaning for a whole different reason:)

And that’s as close to HP slashfic as I’ll ever get:)

More on the Time Travel theme

After having received a couple of thoughtful comments on my time travel post, I’m in a mood to write a bit more on the idea. Timewise, let’s say this all starts just about the time World War II ends. As for the date I’d be leaving, well, let’s say 2020.

After a bit of thought on the subject, I’m thinking that the way to start the whole history changing ball rolling would be to sow worldwide chaos and panic via the use of bioweapons, economic tampering and just generally scary messing around. This would do two things right off: badly disrupt the flow of Business As Usual and create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia that would leave much of the human race ripe for manipulating.

The bioweapon use is pretty much self explanatory. I reckon I’d start it in Russia (making sure I wiped out their atomic program early on) and China, but in fact, all countries would get a dose. Of course, I’d immunize a bunch of people beforehand, either because they would need to live to further the cause or (mostly) in case the bioweapons worked a bit too well.

Economic chaos would pretty much naturally follow the above, but I’d give it a helping hand. A crop failure here, some really bad stock tips there, the odd factory closing due to sabotage…pretty soon, the greedheads wouldn’t know what to do.

As for the generally scary messing around, well, you could go with a few “alien encounters” in small towns. Given the ability to use technology and 21st century makeup effects, you could put on a pretty good show. In a similar vein, why not make use of the superstitions held by many religious people and stage a few sightings/encounters with “demons” and “devils”? Mix into that a few monster sightings and unexplainable events and you could really stir things up.

After things were good and chaotic, you would want to start placing your loyal minions (AKA people firmly under your control via any number of means) into positions that allowed them to control certain things. Politicians, military personnel, fundamentalist preachers (this one being especially good for mass mind control), business leaders, scientists (easily lead about once you gave them the merest glimpse of knowledge from 2020), people in the entertainment industry (easily controlled given their vanity and generally low intelligence) and people in the news media…all of them would be doing their subtle or not so subtle bit to aid the cause.

I’ll write more on this later, but to clear up one question, let me say this: I would never let anyone see my real face…I would reward loyalty generously and punish disloyalty severely (and make sure all other minions knew about it)…I’d use my technology and skills to always be in several places at once…after initially contacting people and getting them on my side, they would never see me in person again. Effectively, I’d be The Shadow:)

Now, showering, eating and working.


Morning Madness And The Magic Teapot

…without that teapot, the madness would reign

Thoughts on Creative History Reconstruction
Lately, I’ve been thinking about time travel in general and changing history in particular. Recent history, to be exact. Say…oh, the last 50 years or so. Not just my personal history, tho that would of necessity change, but world history. I’m assuming that I could travel back to about the mid 1950’s armed with a few laptop computers, all the necessary peripherals, several terabytes worth of information on stuff that has happened in the last 50 years, a bunch of cool spy gear/tech toys and some advanced weaponry (including biological based goodies).

Rather than try to change history via the “kill all the right people” route (although, of course, there would no doubt be some unavoidable wetwork that I would most likely have to contract out), I’d go for both the “long con” method and the “warning in advance/guide the good guys” method.

Let’s face it, running a long term scam on the evil greedheads/racists/religious nuts/warmongers would be dead easy once you convinced them you were in fact from the future bearing valuable information. Once you showed them some photoshopped “news archives”, gave them a couple of great stock tips/Superbowl winners and predicted a few big news events, the greedy powermongers would hang on your every word. Then would come the lying and the false archives and the misguidance. In short order, you would have them doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons. By the time the axe fell on their voluntarily extended necks, they’d be so deluded that there would be a crafty smile on their faces as their heads fell into the basket. That’s how the long con works.

At the same time, you would be feeding all sorts of good info to the people who wore the white hats…and they’d wear those white hats because you made sure they deserved them. There would also be a few tech advancements doled out here and there (alternative power, computers, medicine, etc), just to get things on the right track a bit faster.

Some world events would go on as in the original timeline, some would be expanded and many would never happen. Needless to say, a shitload of new events (some “good”, some “bad”) would need to happen. This is where some of that wetwork would come in, as well as the saving of some lives.

In the end, the world of 2006 v.2.0 would not be perfect (because, after all, there would still be humans in it), but it would be a damned sight better, cleaner and less crowded. And the colonies on the Moon and Mars would be way cool:)

Oh, and in case you were wondering how I’d change my own life….well…here are a few bits.

I’d meet Grace about 20 years earlier
Financial solvency
No dead father
I’d write/publish D&D, but base it on storytelling, not wargaming
No enlisting in the Navy
Better physical health (as in, not fat)
I’d meet most of my good friends earlier

So, feel free to discuss this, ask questions, tell me I’m crazy, whatever.

And now, off to work!