Sunflower Soup

…I’m pretty sure it’s not real

Hey, let’s take a break from 365 posts and read some STUFF!

1: Happy Birthday to Robin D. Laws!

2: My dogs are clean, sweet smelling and huggable after baths last night. They will stay this way for about 3-4 days, then will get less sweet smelling and huggable, although we will still hug them.

3: Aside from the aches & pains that come with our ages, the four of us are in pretty good health.

4: We are eating large amounts of tomatoes from the garden, thanks to late season temps in the 80s & 90s. Of course, this has stopped my fall veggies from growing until it cools down, but hey ORGANIC HEIRLOOM TOMATOES!

5: If I can, via some sort of miracle, come up with the $$, I’ll be going to GenCon next summer. I will need at least 1 room mate and I’m hoping airfare drops or I’ll need to drive with at least one other person.

6: I’m reading “Pirate Latitudes”, the last novel by Michael Crichton. So far, it’s pretty darned good.

7: It has been nearly a year since my gaming group has been able to get together, so I have nothing to report on that front.

8: California state employees are finally going to get off the nearly 2 year long furlough Fridays that our dipshit governor forced on them. They will not get any of the pay back that they lost. I hope that asshole Schwarzenegger gets hit by a truck.

9: Once the weather cools off a bit, I’ll begin digging up plants I want to keep and killing off the rest as a prelude to The Great Garden Redesign of 2011. I intend to photo document this gardening madness on Facebook.

10: Remember my reference up above to needing $$ for GenCon? Well, as part of the plan to raise those $$, I’ll be making up a PDF of expanded and all new 365 People, Places & Things entries. I’m thinking about 42 entries, plus other fun stuff. More info on this around January.

And now I must do huosehusbandry and Dog daddery before heading off to work.

Nuclear Powered Pogosticks With Optional Laser Beams

…it’s what the cool kids hop around on

On Monday, my Sweet Angel, Grace, will be 50 years old. I’m pretty sure there was a mistake somewhere, since she seems much younger to me.

Anyway, since Mondays suck for birthdays, The Girls and I are going to spirit her away for a day of random fun tomorrow.

In other news, we are eating tomatoes like they are on the verge of disappearing forever…except that they aren’t. In fact, they are ripening faster than we can eat them (altho, every BLT is still great and we’ll eat them as long as we can), so I forsee myself cooking up tomato sauce real soon now.

In case any of you missed my messages before: If you are going to GenCon, give me a call from the con. Yes, I know this is masochistic of me, but what the hell. If you need my phone number, send me an email.

And now, I must smooch the wife and pet the dogs. Don’t wanna mix that one up again, cos I hate dog hair in my mouth.

Yes The Nightshades Is The Right Shades

Hoo Boy, it is Tomato Season here at Farmer Doc’s Organic Front Yard & Garden! We have them ripening at an insane pace (especially the overachieving cherry tomato plant) and Grace and I are eating them every night with dinner and often for snacks. The big Cherokee Purples, the Black Krims and the Brandywines are particularly yummy. Given all the healthful properties of tomatoes, we will no doubt be totally antioxidated and vitamin packed in a couple more weeks. I’m already thinking I’m only days away from pissing pure lycopene:)

Besides eating those luscious red berries (and the 4,982 pounds of green beans we are up to our asses in) Grace and I have been playing Puzzle Pirates and Runescape, respectively. Both games are lots of fun and Grace is having a ball with Puzzle Pirates. The URLs are…

Runescape is fairly simplistic as far as MMORPGs go, but it’s fun and free (tho you can pay $5.00 a month and greatly expand your gaming fun). Not sure if I’ll become a paying member, but I’ll play it for a while yet.