Squishy Lunar Cupcakes

…green cheese not included

I was going to post this last night, but about 47 different things conspired to prevent that. Anyway, here we go…

Game Discussion Part 3

To sum up my “Level Zero” series idea…characters start in a limited geographical area (their home town and evirons)…characters have very low level skills and stats (due to being kids/teens)…characters may or may not know what they want to be when they grow up…adventures are used to determine which of their stats get bonuses or minuses and which skills they develop first, as well as giving them a chance to collect a bit of loot to finance their future lifestyle.

Pretty simple, really, and I think it would be alot of fun. The ever creative Doc_Mystery has compared the idea to running a “Dungeons & Hardy Boys” series and he’s pretty much spot on the mark. The Hardy Boys series would make a good template, as would The Little Rascals if you used younger kids.

So, will I actually RUN this series? The answer is…yes. If I can get a gaming group formed again here at Cross Central, I’ll start them out using it. If that doesn’t happen, then I may well run a “Young Adventurers In Training” game as part of my ShadowCon idea at GenCon 2007.

Now to toss out a couple of ideas for the next round of game discussion: assuming it was arranged that somebody could create official PDF products for Over The Edge, what would you like to see?

Next, I’m planning on discussing my CyberPulp alternate 1930’s world setting. Anyone interested in hearing about it?

And now, from the Home Office in Hilo, Hawaii, here are…

The Top Ten Domesticated Animals That Never Quite Took Off

10: Wolverines raised for milk production
9: Harpy Eagles for egg production
8: Companion Jellyfish
7: Attack/Guard Rabbits
6: Draft Pigs
5: Spiders raised for meat
4: Companion Rattlesnakes
3: Riding Grizzly Bears
2: Roadrunners for meat (by the time you catch ’em, yer too tired to eat)

And the Number One answer is…

1: Bobcats raised for wool

Now I’m off to Dr. Yen’s EZ Bake Oven, then work.

Bucky & Squint Build A Giant BattleMek

…and it’s powered by soybean oil, so it’s eco friendly

Damn! Will we never finish re-arranging this cursed living room so that I may watch my new tv for a bit before locking myself in the Game Room/Library to get some writing done? I swear by the Gilded Nipples Of Aphrodite that this foolishness will be done by tomorrow afternoon!

And now, from the Home Office in Mud Bay, it’s…

The Top Ten Things I Have Regretted Saying (with added parenthetical notes)

10: “It’s ok…that bull is way over on the other side of the field…he won’t chase us” (Lesson learned: distance can be deceptive and bulls can move with amazing speed when properly motivated)

9: “Dude, they said their parents won’t be home until after midnight! Tonight, we get lucky!” (if, by “lucky” you mean having to, at about 10 PM, leap half naked out of a third story window into an oak tree, do a barely controlled fall to the ground, then outrun 3 werewolves posing as guard dogs AND an angry father made entirely of muscles, by running through a peach orchard and hiding in a cold irrigation canal, then yes, it was a “lucky night)

8: “Hey, I trust you to know the way there. I’ll just snooze for awhile” (Note: one cannot go directly from San Jose to Yosemite by driving south, then west, then south some more)

7: “Those were great cookies, Auntie” (in fact, they tasted like barely sweetened cardboard, but my little white lie ensured that she sent me 3 dozen of the fuckers every Xmas for 6 years)

6: “I’m sure I can fix it” (no, I can’t)

5: “Yeah, those pants do make your ass look big” (I was SO young and dumb)

4: “Yes, I was staring at her tits. What’s wrong with that?” (as it turned out, there was quite a bit wrong with it)

3: “Ok, Mom, here’s the truth…” (despite everything they might say, mother’s really DON’T want to hear the truth)

2: “Sounds like a good idea…I’m in” (I love my friends and family, but time has proven that about 50% of their grandiose plans are decidedly not good ideas)

And the Number One Thing I Have Regretted Saying is…

1: “Susan, will you marry me?” (I still sometimes wake up in a cold sweat from that one)

And now, off to the Friday session in Dr. Yen’s Rotisserie of Dermatological Goodness, then work.

Intentions As Clear As Glass

…and secrets as dark as night

Great Hoppin’ Horny Toads, today at work was an assbuster. I’m pretty sure half of the population of Sacramento County ate pizza today…and I delivered about half of it (the rest got eaten in our store). Whew!

And now, our daily Top Ten List, from the Home Office in Fredonia…

Top Ten Iron Chef’s You Never Hear About

10: Iron Chef Kazakstan
9: Iron Chef Inuit
8: Iron Chef McDonalds
7: Iron Chef Army Chow
6: Iron Chef Candy Bars
5: Iron Chef Easter Island
4: Iron Chef Rice A Roni
3: Iron Chef Taco Bell
2: Iron Chef Purina Dog Chow

And the Number One Iron Chef You Never Hear About is…

1: Iron Chef Roadkill

Long Haired Women Make Me Howl At The Moon

…but then, so do the women with short and medium hair:)

Those of you who read my zines in Alarums & Excursions back in the day will no doubt remember my Top Ten Lists. Well, once again, I’ve decided to rip off David Letterman and put Top Ten Lists here in my LJ. I’ll do at least one a day for as long as they keep me amused.

Now, from the Home Office in Isengard, it’s…

The Top Ten Songs That Must Be Played At My Wake (assuming that I ever die, of course)

10: Minnie The Moocher by Cab Calloway
9: Surf City by the Beach Boys
8: Rock & Roll High School by the Ramones
7: Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
6: Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin
5: Wind Up by Jethro Tull
4: Jump, Jive and Wail by Louis Prima
3: Who Do You Love by George Thorogood
2: Bad To The Bone by George Thorogood

and the Number One Song That Must Be Played At My Wake is…

1: Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

And now, just to lighten up the mood…

The Top Ten Rejected Children’s Show Character’s

10: Phlegmy, the Tubercular Turtle
9: Macky, the Littlest Pimp
8: Sadistic Squirrel
7: Osama bin Llama
6: Krazy, the Bi-Polar Klown
5: Ned the Necrophile
4: Vickie Vomit and the Bulimic Bunch
3: The Republican Party
2: Caroline, the Cursing Cow

and the Number One Rejected Children’s Show Character is…

1: Mr. Let’s Kill Mommy