Mashed Potato Birthday Cake

…with yummies inside

Today is Winker’s 6th Birthday! She will be getting the above mentioned cake for dinner, plus lots of love and bellyrubs.

Thanks to everyone who took the last poll. I’m shooting for the end of January as a launch date for the E-zine.

Grace is off to Oakland to do mystery shops today. I’ll be off to the UVB Barbecue for Middle Aged Gamers later, then to work.

I’m halfway through watching Season One of Sanctuary. It’s a pretty good show, for s Sci Fi Channel series. (note that I do not call it Syfy, mostly because that is an idiotic name)

I’m also within 10 pages of finishing The Two Towers. I’m glad I decided to re-read LOTR.

Ok…time for the Mug O’ Tea. More bloggage later.

Big Fun With The Five Blue Budgies

…at a cat show

So, how cool was it that on last night’s season opener of “Fringe” that they gave a nod to “X Files”? If you missed it, watch it again and listen carefully to the senators during the questioning of Broyles.

It was a pretty good season premiere, with only a couple of predictable moments and one glaring logic flaw. I’m looking forward to seeing how things go this year.

The Highly Improbable, Yet Totally True, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Parrot Who Played D&D

…featuring her favorite cousin, Sunflower


1: Our poor little Winker is in heat and it is pretty stressful for her. I wish we could get her spayed, but her heart murmur precludes putting her under sedation. During her next check up, I’m gonna ask the vet if there are any drugs that can at least alleviate the worst of her heat symptoms.

2: Grace and I are on the verge of starting another Mystery Shopping Death March. This one will, thankfully, only last 3 weeks. Of course, that’s on top of our regular jobs.

3: I’ve been watching Defying Gravity and it has been holding my attention pretty well, despite a few rather goofy points.

4: Speaking of science fiction on tv, this season looks like it may have a couple of interesting offerings. Fast Forward might be kinda cool and what I’ve seen of the V reboot doesn’t seem to suck. Both of them, however, will have to go a long way to beat Fringe.

5: Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster,

Please let my wife and I win the Mega Millions lottery. We aren’t greedy, we’ll gladly take just a few hundred thousand. Of course, if you wanna give us the whole shebang, we won’t bitch.

Thank you,


6: Damn! Almost time to head off to work. Gotta eat my yogurt, then walk The Girls. More blogola later.

Apocalypse Cow

…I love the smell of milk in the morning.

Our girl Daisy is still sick, so I’ve set up a vet appointment for Friday morning. Couldn’t do it sooner…no money in the bank. I hope she doesn’t get worse in the next day and a half.

So, no David Tennant on Doctor Who after the 2009 specials. On the one hand, that sucks. On the other hand, it’s probably time for a new Doctor anyway.

Saw my doctor today, now that she’s back from maternity leave. Was given a tetanus shot because I’m high risk for infection, got a the annual referral to my dermatologist, got a physical scheduled and, just as icing on the cake, there’s a colonoscopy in my future. Oh, and when I revisit the urologist on the 17th, I’ll be finding out what’s the next step in dealing with an enlarged prostate gland. Lucky me, eh?

And now…dish washing. More blogging later.

Under The Onion Tree

…and other stories

Stuff: The Next Generation

1: Hey, you wacky gamers out there! Dundracon is 108 days away and pre-reg goes up to $40.00 in 4 days. If you are going and haven’t pre-regged, go do it. If you aren’t sure if you are going, just let me say: Have you lost your mind? Of course you should go!

2: One week until the election! One week until no more fucking political ads for at least several months! ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL I CAN LAUGH MANIACALLY AT EVERY REPUBLICAN I MEET!

3: My veggie garden is going along nicely, now that the spinach is cooperating and finally sprouting up. The lettuce (at least 5 varieties) is kicking into high gear and I foresee some yummy baby greens on the dinner table about Saturday.

4: The latest Brewerton Village Poll is now closed. I shall post one more poll in a day or two, then sometime next week I’ll write up our little village here for all to see.

5: Although the new television season has, by and large, failed to excite me, I must say that Heroes is getting more interesting by the episode. Despite that, I sincerely hope the series writers/directors/producers will do things differently next season. and by differently, I mean No More Save The World, No More New Characters, No More Deaths That Don’t Stick and No More Goddamn Time Travelling (and yes, that includes Hiro).

6: As I have stated previously, the odds of my going to GenCon in 2009 are somewhat worse than my winning the lottery. On the other hand, since GenCon 2010 will be the 20th anniversary of my first GenCon, I will be there. Filled with such certainty, and being a fellow renowned for his advance planning (as well as his wildass spur of the moment non-planning), I have been considering some amusing pastimes for myself and my gaming pals that year. More on this as the months roll by.

7: There is no #7, because I’m going to go have a snack.

Sparky The Tubeworm

…way down under the sea


Blindness: Well done and well acted, but rather predictable. Not a bad movie, but not one I would pay money to see.

The VP Debate: Despite the spinning of the Republican talking heads, it was Biden for the win. Palin was a spokesperson/pimp who dodged really answering most questions in favor of repeating the same old shit.

The Garden: Spinach…carrots…radishes…lettuce…mesclun mix…peas! All in the soil, most sprouting in a week or so. And all in just about 3 square feet, with 3 more square feet to be planted in a few days.

Television: Fringe has not yet lost me, but it’s barely hanging on. Heroes is picking up steam. Supernatural is starting to bore me. Bones continues to be fun and I’d happily hop in the sack with any or all of the three female leads.

The Search For Employment: Continues…and yes, I’ve applied at pretty much every sort of place y’all have suggested.

And now, I’m outta here. More blogathonics later.

Blue Goats

…but not clinically depressed goats


1: So, walking meltdown John McCain decided to “suspend” his presidential campaign to rush back to Washington and help stave off our imminent economic collapse. That is, if by “rush” you mean stay in New York long enough to do an interview with Katie Couric and then appear at the Clinton Initiative thing today. Come on, McBush, just fucking admit that you are A: afraid to debate Mr. Obama B: REALLY afraid to have that skank Palin debate Joe Biden C: unable to do two things at once D: melting down.

2: I got the October issue of Alarums & Excursions yesterday and it is issue #397. That means the January issue will be #400. I really need to get a zine into that one.

3: I’ve been watching the new series Fringe and I’m finding it rather boring. It’s like X-Files with a more coherent (and more predictable) conspiracy, much less interesting protagonists (except the crazy scientist dude, who is a hoot) and no cool mutants/supernatural shit. Maybe I’d like it better if I worshipped at the Church of J.J. Abrams, but I don’t. I may or may not watch any more episodes.

4: The bigass 2 hour premiere of Heroes was good, but seemed in many ways like a retread of season 1. I mean, saving the world from destruction is all well and good, but how about just having a good old superhero vs supervillain slugfest for a few episodes? And the time travel thing? Officially over done. Oh, and how about having just one person, good or evil, die and FUCKING STAY DEAD? I will watch this season all the way thru, but unless things get really interesting and fresh, I may nor return for season 4.

The Sweetly Terrifying Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Haunted Toilet Seat

…co-starring her Aunt Hortense

Damn…August already! The time, she is flying by!

I’m nearly finished reading most of the Solar Pons mystery series. I don’t have book #7 or #9, but I do have the rest and am halfway through book 10. I shall post an overview when I’m finished.

Waiting in the wings to be read are The Chinese Parrot (a Charlie Chan story), The Bishop Murder Case (a Philo Vance mystery) and a couple of Fu Manchu novels.

As for television viewing, it sucks. This is mostly due to the Recent Financial Troubles, which has us getting only the most basic Dish Network service. So, no Shark Week, no Eureka, no Mythbusters, no Middleman…not much of anything good. However, this will change rapidly once I get the jop at Round Table.

In gaming news, things are coming together quite smoothly for the Fall Fantasy series. I’ll be creating the groups PC’s (based upon input and die rolls made by the players) this weekend and the map of their home region is coming along nicely. The rather short spell list is nearly done, too.

One fun thing about deconstructing a typical fantasy world is that you get to redo monsters and fantasy creatures. For example, at this point in time, dragons are seldom more than 10 feet long and have no breath weapons. Their intelligence is on a par with a smart dog and they are more gliders than flyers. However, each new generation is a bit larger and a bit more dangerous. In a couple of centuries or so, dragons will look more like what we expect them to.

As for fantasy races, well, I’m having fun there, too. The Dwarves that live 400 miles north of Cantapor (the PC’s home base) are modeled after the Spanish colonists here in California, minus the heavy hand of the Catholic church. These Dwarves live above ground and are ranchers, farmers, traders, sailors, scholars and adventurers. They are quite sophisticated and well mannered. Oh, and they create some truly great wines.

And now, I’m off to run errands and take dogs to parks.

The Last Lap Dance Of Candy The Cat

…no, she wasn’t a real feline

Television Note

Next Monday, the History Channel is going to show a 2 hour program called “Life After Us”. The basic premise is what would happen to all of the human artifacts if we all disappeared from the planet. It looks to be a pretty fascinating show. I’m not sure, but I think the Discovery Channel might also show it.

Violet Note

Hopefully, I’ll have a rather lengthy Violet post up tonight. It’s looking to be 99% exposition and appears to be getting longer as I write it. Oh, and you’ll get to vote at the end of it, I promise.

Movie Note

Cloverfield hits movie screens this Friday and you can bet I’ll have my ass in a movie seat watching it on Saturday afternoon. I love giant monster movies.

Gaming Question

Every so often, when discussing D&D, someone says that if WOTC/D&D were to fold, the gaming hobby would be in huge trouble (and, often, it is implied that the whole adventure gaming industry would just dry up and blow away).

My question is: Why would anyone think this?

Did rock & roll implode after the Beatles broke up/Buddy Holly died/Elvis Died/The Ramones began dying? Nope. Did television collapse after (insert name of hugely popular series of your choice) went off the air? Nope. Did the deaths of any number of great actors and directors kill off motion pictures. Nope.

So why would the collapse of WOTC or the disappearence of D&D kill off adventure gaming? There would still be older versions of D&D, as well as the hundreds of other RPG’s out there. Gaming life would go on…and possibly for the better, tho that’s a topic for another day.

You may let fly your thoughts on this.

A Tender Nibble To The Inner Thigh


Doc’s new tv season review: Part 2

The Bionic Woman: Despite following an old tv series formula, (person must work for shadowy organization to save the world every week) this show’s first episode did not suck. In fact, it was pretty good. I’ll give it a few more episodes looksee.

CSI: Answered the cliffhanger question from last year in a very well made episode that kept you guessing. Still has a place in our PVR’s recoerding schedule.

Criminal Minds: Good episode that leads to Mandy Patinkin’s exit from the series. How the show will fare without him remains to be seen.

Scorpion Girl And The Invasion From Jupiter

…it’s action packed adventure

Mind too fuzzy tonight…Body tired…will write Story entry tomorrow…until then, I wrote this earlier…

Doc’s new TV season review: Part 1

Heroes: Nice first episode. Some interesting stuff has been foreshadowed. The “no commercial” commercials sucked ass, but a PVR renders the suckage nil.

Journeyman: This totally failed to engage me. None of the actors were at all interesting and the whole “Change the past to help people” thing has been done to death on TV.

Bones: Starts the new season with a dive right into Really Weird Shit…cannibals, cults, conspiracies and personal problems galore for the team. Great stuff.

Reaper: Produced (and with episode 1 directed by) Kevin Smith, this series takes another old premise (mortal assigned by God or Satan to round up sinners/save souls) and puts a comedic slackeroid spin on it. Good for a few chuckles and Ray Wise makes a good devil.

More stuff later.

The Dangerous Dormice

…I’ve got yer twinkle twinkle right here

Well hellfire, I thought I’d do posts on Friday and saturday, but the laziness hit me. Actually, the laziness is still hitting me, so I’ll do a short post now, then something longer after we take The Girls to the dog park.

Watched Torchwood last night on BBC America. Pretty good show. It’s on my weekly watch list.

Decided that money was too tight to go see Shoot ‘Em Up this weekend. Maybe next weekend.

After the dog park visit, I’ll be finishing off the Game Room. then, I’ll take pix and post them for your enjoyment.

My game submission for DunDraCon, The House That Jerks Built, has been retitled by the RPG coordinator. The new title is The House That Jerks Built: Doc’s 19th Annual Toon Game. I thought that to be very cool indeed.

And now, it’s time for my precious pups to get some socialization with other dogs. More bloggo soon.

The Fourteen Secrets For Becoming Comfortably Numb

…with apologies to Pink Floyd

Watched Feasting On Asphalt: The River Run last night. As expected, it was good and seeing Alton and his crew chowing down across Louisianna only reinforced my desire to some day visit that state for a few days of culinary excess.

As some of you may or may not know, I change my bio here on LJ every few months. Well, I’ve done it yet again and, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve put both the previous bio (which, I believe was my 6th bio) and the new one behind this cut

The Horticultural Whore Turned His Shoes Green

…while using the weed whacker

Whew, am I ever tired! I just got inside after a 3 hour sessing in the garden and I feel like I’ve been rode hard and put away wet. Also, I forgot to eat lunch, so I’m a bit shaky. I’m thinking a nice ham sandwich is in order.

Anyway, the garden is now much less weedy and later I’ll be doing a bunch of transplanting of cannas, dianthus, daylilies and maybe some lemongrass. The veggie garden is growing much slower than in past years, tho I’m not ready to blami it all on my Great Containerized Veggie Garden Experiment. The bush beans do have some little bean pods showing, so hopefully Grace and I will be eating fresh grean beans in a few more days.

In other news, my sweet little Princess Daisy seriously put the smackdown on an overly physical (but not actually agressive) young black lab at the dog park this morning. She didn’t hurt him (mostly because I grabbed her before she could), but she literally scared the piss out of him and gave several other dogs pause before they came over to pay their respects. Not a bad idea, considering that the lab was about 4 times Daisy’s size. My girl, she takes no shit from the big boys:)

After the dog park, we all drove up to Denio’s Auction & Flea Market so I could do my regular spice/tea run. I bought smoked paprika, sage, black peppercorns and a half pound of my beloved Oolong tea.

Part of our television viewing tonight will include another fine Science Channel world ending disaster special called Supercomet: After The Impact. I just love watching programs that show how the world could end. I can’t wait until the do one depicting the rise of Our Robot Masters.

More bloggage later, after I teach a ham sandwich who is boss.

Chasing An Alligator Up A Tree

…a peach tree

Quick Stuff

1: Was gonna go to KublahCon this weekend, but since our GenCon fund is still a few hundred bucks short, I’ll have to stay home.

2: Even as you read this, Alton Brown is wrapping up taping of a second 6 episodes of Feasting On Asphalt for an August 4 debut on Food Network.

3: Related to the above, Good Eats has won a Peabody Award.

4: Soon I shall have to choose which adventure I’ll run for my gaming pals at GenCon. I am stressing a bit on this. Should I set up a poll and let you, the Gentle Reader, decide?

5: I re-watched the Heroes season finale and while I can understand how some folks think that the final battle with Sylar was too quickly done, I think I rather like the fact that they avoided a bigass comic book slugfest.

6: I shall be taking My Sweet Little Ninja Gecko Of Happiness to see Shrek 3 this weekend. My baby, she loves her some Shrek movies.

and now, I’m off to walk the hounds and then go to work.

The Dangerous Arrangement With The Man From Paris

…fortunately, it ended well

Just finished watching the season finale of Heroes and all I can say is…wow! A very satisfying ending, with a few comic book style loose ends left dangling, but nothing major. And that introduction to next season…Hot Damn! I can hardly wait for fall to arrive.

Fairly tired tonight, so I’ll write more tomorrow, including a new Pulp Chracter Creation Poll

A Fine Pig’s Milk Cheese

…served with fresh durian

Time To Empty Out My Head

1: Watched Heroes on Monday night and…damn! I love that show!

2: 112 days until GenCon!

3: Speaking of GenCon, I’ve got a few ideas for games I might run for my friends. First is a pretty standard CyberPulp game, full of action and adventure and an Evil Mastermind. Then there’s an Old West/Steampulp type of advernture, very much in the flavor of the Wild Wild West tv series. Finally, there’s a Fantasy take on the above mentioned Heroes. I reckon I’ll have to decide which one to run pretty soon now. After I buy plane tickets:)

4: Congratulations to my pals at Firefly Games and Green Ronin for pooling their talents to create Faery’s Tale Deluxe Edition, for sale at the above mentioned GenCon. Even more congrats to Green Ronin for landing the RPG rights to George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Fire And Ice series. Expect to see the first products in that line sometime in 2008.

5: As I’ve said, oh, about 3,000,000 times over the years, I spend 95% of my RPG time being a GM. Now, I do like GMing, but every so often I just wanna be a player. Sometimes the desire to be a player gets REALLY strong. Like recently. I need a game!

6: Slowly but surely, I’m getting various groundcovers planted in my yard to choke out the weeds by acting as a living mulch. This coming weekend, it’s time to unleash the Dwarf Bamboo!

Ack! Time for work! More blogging later.

Beware Of Buttsnakes!

…they will bite your hiney

Stuff…Posed Just The Way You Like It

1: In my Dundracon reportage, I failed to mention the Buyer’s Baazar (aka Flea Market). That would be because, by and large, it sucked. It only ran on Saturday (because in recent years the Sunday sessions were drying up fast), it closed doors 2 hours early and the room never once filled up with sellers. I saw nothing I wanted to buy and that’s a first for me. I hope things improve next year.

2: I’ve never talked about this, but Dundracon always falls on or very near the anniversary of my dad’s death back in 1984. Altho I didn’t start regularly attending the con until 1988, it has had a healing effect. Most years, I completely forget about what day it is…which has long since ceased to make me feel any guilt (not that feeling guilt is something I do much anyway). Old Wild Bill would have liked that, himself not being very big on guilt or annual celebrations of dead people.

3: I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempted to go out and work in the garden, but I have long since learned that this is the time of year when Old Dame Weather just loves to fuck with gardeners and their labors. I shall wait a few more weeks.

4: Heroes was pretty good last night. The long anticipated death (and the murderer) were a surprise. Stan Lee’s cameo was funny and the setup for next weeks episode set the hook nicely in fannish jaws.

5: Bought and drank some goat milk yesterday. Grace and I both agreed that it was almost impossible to tell from cow’s milk. That having been determined, I’m thinking we’ll be adding a milk goat or two to the livestock list when we move out to the country (or as my more urbanly addicted friends call it “run off into the woods”) in a few years.

The girls are giving me that “Yo, Dad, it’s walkies time” look, so I’m outta here. More blogzilla later.

Not Quite Your Usual Suburban Mom

…what with that flogger and those red come fuck me shoes

Birthday Weekend Update

I’m about 3.5 pints into me Guinness just now.

Decided not to have cake, but bought lots of ice cream.

Today was Game Day and I made two kinds of killer salsa and some fuckin’ ay great guacamole.

Watched episode 2 of The Dresden Files and while it’s getting better, it still ain’t as good as the novels.

Tomorrow’s birthday lunch: Mexican or Indian? Decisions, decisions…

Today’s game session was all about a little “warm up” session in an arena filled with pits, loot and monsters, prior to entering the main dungeon next time…which will be the week after DunDraCon.

Called my friend Mary Jones (wife of Spike Y Jones) to wish her a happy birthday. She had the good sense to be born the day before my birthday, altho 11 years after me.

Damn…need more Guinness and a bit o’ ice cream. More bloggage later.

Dangerous Gravy

…you know you want to taste it.

Damn…fell asleep in my chair last night and didn’t write the third installment of the Fiction Experiment. I’ll have it done tonight.

Watched “Surface” last night. It’s getting better every week, despite the fact that it (as in last night’s episode) often pisses in the face of scientific fact.

“Night Stalker” has mercifully been cancelled. It was boring and a slap in the face of the original and I’m glad it’s gone. Maybe someday somebody will remake it in the same style as the original.

Saw the newest “King Kong” trailer a few minutes ago and DAMN, it looks excellent.

I managed to get a zine into A&E this month. A short zine, but a zine nonetheless.

This coming weekend, besides the everpresent yardwork and the continuing “bassetizing” of the house, I’m going to devote some time to working on a new game setting I’ve thought up. It’s Fantasy meets Pulp and if I can pull it off, it should be pretty cool.

Hey, players in the Kingdom Building Game: I haven’t forgotten you! Hang in there!

Gotta go…more blogramble later.