Hello, Mr. Shit. Have You Met Mr. Fan?


Well hellfire…Forry Ackerman died today. I’m glad he’s no longer suffering, but fandom (ALL fandom) has lost it’s #1 guy.

In other crappy news, my unemployment check next week will be my last unless I can get an extension or find a job (or some of you read my last post and hire me). So, on Monday I’ll be hitting my local office of the EDD to beg and plead and see if they can find me some work. I doubt they’ll find me work, since in almost 40 years in the workforce, EDD has never found me a job.

In un-crappy news, Conquest Sac sent me the annual plea for GMs and I’m thinking I may just run a couple of games. Assuming, of course, that Grace and The Girls and I are not robbing liquor stores for food money.

More blogging…with less whine…later.

Deadman’s Learning Curve

…not the song by Jan & Dean

Ok, I’m back. The job hunt goes on with no results so far. It’s a pretty shitty time to be 54 and looking for work along with a huge number of your fellow citizens, but what ya gonna do? If I was half my present age and weight, I’d be rolling in dough via some of my old skill sets, but I’m not, so I keep hitting the bricks every day.

By the way, my fellow A&Eers and gamers, my next couple of issues are taken care of, so please don’t call or write Lee with offers to cover me. Thank you so much, those of you who came to my aid unasked. Y’all are pretty fuckin’ great.

Now, for a bit of content, here is my take on a list that I’ve seen on at least 3 other LJ’s and/or websites…

12 RPG’s That Everyone Should Play At Least Once

1: Good old hack & slash dungeon crawling D&D. Preferably the boxed version with the rather garish dragon.

2: AD&D, but using the original Ravenloft boxed set. Barring that, use the equally innovative and utterly cool Al Qadim setting.

3: Runequest, because it is asskickingly cool, has a wonderful setting and ducks.

4: Over The Edge, played with balls out wild abandon and maybe just a hint of your favorite mind altering substance. In my not at all humble opinion, Al Amarja is the single coolest and most possibility filled setting in the history of RPGs.

5: Champions, because playing superheroes is way fun and by the time you are finished, you’ll either love or hate the Hero system, but either way, you’ll know the meaning of “complex & detailed RPG rules”.

6: Paranoia, because it is pants pissingly funny and hilariously violent. It is probably the easiest system to GM, since many sessions never get beyond the briefing room…and if they do, R&D will stop them cold:)

7: Call of Cthulhu, for it’s just damned perfect meshing of rules and setting. Unlike most RPGs, in CoC, you don’t get more powerful as time goes on, you just get closer to going into sanity’s abyss. A well run session of CoC should make it very hard for you to fall asleep afterwards.

8: Traveller, in whichever flavor you like, as long as it’s all about cruising the spaceways trying to earn a few credits by hook or by crook.

9: Castle Falkenstein, because it has steampunk, faerie both good and bad, swashbuckling action, airships, evil Prussians, criminal masterminds, mad science, magic and the goddamn Bear Flag Empire of California under the leadership of his Imperial Majesty, Norton I. Damn, I got wood just thinking about this RPG.

10: Toon, because it’s easy to learn, has a universal subject matter (go on, tell me who you know that has never seen a cartoon), plays fast and can run on the most tissue thin of plots.

11: Mutants & Masterminds, because it let’s you play any superhero that Champions does, but with waaaaayyyy fewer (and way easier) rules and a single d20.

12: The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen, because it perfectly blends storytelling, drinking and audience participation into one big old cream filled pastry of roleplaying goodness. Besides, you know you’re just dying to tell us of the time you rescued the Queen of the Moon from her imprisonment by the French aided by only a deaf terrier, an overweight Welsh bricklayer and your pet budgie, Otis.

And now, I must go to bed, so as to arrive bright and early tomorrow for my first of many sessions in Dr. Yen’s Ultraviolet Radiation Booth Of Happiness.

How To Cook A Porcupine

…they do taste like both pork and pine

Stuff…now with added vitamins & minerals

1: Because, like most gamers and all Gamemasters, I’m mad as a hatter, I’ve signed up for an account at Epic Words. If you’ve not heard of it, it is a new site that allows people to play in and GM blog based RPG series. I think I might be coerced into running a game for some of y’all, but you’ll need to sign up. Fortunately, signing up is free and if you do it before the 15th, you get some beta user bennies. You can also have a paid account, but since I’m an out of work bum, that ain’t happening. Anyway, if any of you roleplaying scalawags are interested in getting a bloggerific gaming group together, let me know.

2: My miniature Square Foot Garden is humming along quite nicely. Grace has been enjoying radishes every day and the lettuce is nearly ready for a salad. There are now 24 spinach seedlings growing and the carrots and pea plants are coming along, albeit slowly. Using milk crates lined with plastic trash bags and/or newspaper seems to be a winning idea, so I have high hopes for the Humongous Spring Garden.

3: I have a strong feeling that, having gone through the Surprised, Determined and Despairing phases of unemployment, I’m about to enter the Seriously Pissed Off phase. I have no idea what this could mean, altho I trust that Grace will prevent me from doing anything too stupid.

4: There is no #4.

More blogging later.