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As Usual, More Stuff

1: As anyone with half a brain could have predicted, the D&D 4E GSL is much more restrictive than the 3E OGL was. Also very predictable is the fact that there are 1,965,437 forum threads out there discussing it. All but 2 or 3 have turned into namecalling shit storms.

2: Still no employment for me. Only The Girls see my being home all day as a plus, altho after the scrummy dinner she had last night, Grace is thinking having a full time househusband is not a bad thing. If she can get a $1,200.00 a month raise, I foresee me cleaning alot more floors:)

3: My prep for the Fall/Winter Fantasy RPG Series is going well. The players will have 3, maybe 4, races to choose from and there will be no classes or levels. It will all be about the skills, baby. Basic rolls will be D20 based attribute + Skill Bonus, with assorted pluses and minuses thrown in as the situation calls for. That is, of course, assuming that we don’t get all caught up in roleplaying and forget to roll the dice.

4: My faithful hounds never cease to amaze me in their dietary breadth. They just got done eating sliced pattypan squash as their morning treat. So far, we have determined that they enjoy eating: squash, cucumbers, strawberries, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, pumpkin, carrots, apples, peaches, plums, mango, papaya, tomatoes, oranges and okra.

5: Decided not to have another plant sale this weekend, but will have one next weekend.

More blogstuff later.

Chapter 8: In Which Our Hero, Freed Of His Bondage To The Mad King, Sets Forth To Join The Navy

…with additional commentary by his cat, Mr. Winkins

The California Kid & The Great Job Hunt

First off, many thanks to all of you who have lent me good wishes and moral support.

So, I’ve been filling out online job apps (when the online job app pages for a company don’t freeze up or otherwise waste my time) and good old paper job apps. I’m applying at any business that uses live humans.

Financially, Grace and I are on a very very very short leash. Looks like we’ll be seeing all the summer blockbusters when they hit DVD. Fortunately, I lost my job at a time when we have a fridge and freezer full of food, so we won’t start starving for about 2 weeks or so:) As for the financial outlook a month out…well, if I haven’t found work by then, I reckon it’s bank robbing time:)

Anyway, the saga progresses and I shall keep you all informed.

The Saga Of Doc: In Which Shit Most Certainly Happens

…and at exactly the worst time

So, anyway, I pull into work today as I’ve done for the last 15 years, 9 months, 16 days and there, standing outside the front door is the owner of the store with my (and everyone elses) final paycheck in his hands. It seems that the Great Bush Republican Economic Assfuck has claimed another victim. The pizza place, she is closed down.

To be honest, I’m surprised he held out this long. Business has sucked heavily since January. The guy who bought the franchise was a software engineer with limited food service experience and he bought an upscale pizza joint at exactly the wrong economic time.

So, what shall this Simple Country Boy (who can ill afford to be sans paychecks) do? Well, That store closing does effectively double the delivery area of our sister store at Arden Way & Fair Oaks, if they want it. And our former delivery area does include our many business accounts, most of whom I have established great relationships with over the years. So…I could go to work there. I’ve talked to the manager of that store and she’s gonna float it by the store owner. So we shall see.

But just in case, I came straight home after cashing that final check and signed up for unemployment benefits. I haven’t had to do that in 21 years.

I also put in a couple of job apps at businesses near here, including the Home Depot that is .52 miles from my doorstep.

And I’ve revived a couple of writing projects that might be saleable.

And I have plenty of plasma I can sell:)

Note from 2019: I was out of work until late December 2008. The job I got then was sub optimal, but was better than nothing.