How Many Times Does 1 Go Into 2? 5…Twice With The Blonde, Three Times With The Redhead

…not based upon any recent real life events

Well, My Gentle Readers, today was one of the more productive days of my unemployment (Soon To Begin It’s Fourth Smash Month!), since I pretty much evenly divided it between writing and grocery shopping. As always, there was plenty of dishwashing, dog walking, laundry doing, psoriasis fighting sunlight sitting and dinner cooking in between. Below, a list of stuff I did from the two primary categories.

1: Wrote 400 words on the Secret RPG Project that I will most likely not be able to send samples out to some of you until next week.

2: Put down rather copious notes about the world and characters in the Doc Tempest universe. My stack of reference books include GURPS Who’s Who 1&2, GURPS Timeline, GURPS Swashbucklers, Rand McNally Road Atlas, Map of San Francisco and a big pile of Castle Falkenstien books. On the interwebs side, I was all over Wikipedia and Google.

3: Went to SaveMart and bought a bunch of canned foods, milk and dry staples like pasta and stuff.

4: Finished the four main characters for the Fall Fantasy series. Will do two more (for the prospective new players) this weekend.

5: Hit the bakery thrift store and bought bread, a cake and strawberry preserves.

6: Wrote up 4 ideas for a TOON article for Pyramid, but I’m wondering if my heart is still in wrting Toon stuff.

7: Went to Smart & Final and bought large, yet modestly priced, amounts of meat, plus bigass sizes of everything from peanut butter to Chipotle Tabasco Sauce.

Not necessarily in that order.

Oh, and while laying out in the sun for 45 minutes around noon, I read more of Sidhe Devil, the sequel to Aaron Allston’s very enjoyable Doc Sidhe.

And now, to bed for me.

Doc Tempest VS The Killer In Yellow

…from the July, 1956 issue

Just to prove that I’m still insane, I walked 5.1 miles today in a mere 98 minutes…in 96 degree heat. I was pretty well wiped out when I got home, but I’ve bounced back pretty well. Mind you, those miles were walked without Daisy, whom I walked another 1.5 miles with later. My goal is 5-6 miles every day, tho I may walk in the morning and after sundown.

In other news: If you have not voted on the latest Doc Poll (AKA Uncle Doc Gets Creative), then by all means search back about 4-5 posts and vote!

Still no job love for Your Humble Narrator. I’m seriously considering just saying “Fuck it” and becoming an Evil Mastermind. Anybody want a job as a Henchman, Minion or Number Two? I’ll also look at applications for Fanatical Followers, Homicidal Cultists, Femme Fatales and Ninja Assassins. Pay negotiable.

I’m outta here. More bloggage tomorrow.

Chapter 17: In Which Our Hero Unleashes A Stampede Of Pigs In Order To Rescue The Queen

…whole lotta oinkin’ goin’ on

No call from Round Table, so it’s back on the job hunting trail for me.

I have an appointment with the urologist today to see what’s up with my pesky prostate. Hopefully, the news will be good.

Next Monday, the 11th, My Sweet Little Border Canary Of Passion, Grace, will celebrate her 50th birthday. I have some Secret Plans for celebrating this grand event, all set for the day before. I’m thinking she will like it.

Speaking of birthdays, a bigass HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to smalley_smoot, who turns 57 today! Having fought off a heart attack and walking pneumonia in the last few months, I hereby declare him the Iron Gamer for 2008.

Last night, I cooked up another huge pot of FOOOODDDD FOOOORRRR DOOOOOGGGGSSSS!!!! This time, I opted to skip the stinky broccoli. This batch contains chicken, pink beans, split peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow potatoes, parsley, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini squash and assorted herbs & spices. It was given 4 paws up by our resident FFD critics.

And now, I must wash dishes, walk dogs and do other fun stuff.

The Knight Is Always Darkest Just Before The Dawn

…because he hates getting up that early

So, here I sit, eating my brekky and drinking my tea and beginning my third month of unemployment. I’m still waiting for Round Table to get their shit together, but starting tomorrow I’ll await their call while continuing to put in applications at any place I haven’t already hit. A list, I might add, that is growing smaller by the day.

But despite all that, I’m feeling pretty good. My Sweet Angel is staying home from work today due to having gotten a bit too much sun yesterday on top of straining some muscles. She is sleeping now and I’ll be doctoring her all day.

Speaking of sleeping, the other two females in this house are sacked out in the living room and are, apparently, dreaming up a storm. Daisy is woofing and her legs are twitching, so I’m thinking she’s dreaming of chasing a rabbit. Winker is sound asleep, but her tail is wagging, so I’m thinking she’s dreaming of getting some love from Grace or I.

Since I’m not going anywhere today, I’ll be gardening and housecleaning when I’m not tending to the estrogen based lifeforms here at Chez Cross.

My life…nothin’ but adventure:)