Godzilla Is My Co-Pilot

…and I try not to piss him off

Yes, Gentle Readers, I know this is only the second post this month. Things tend to slow down after the annual DogCon report, but this year it’s all made worse by the fact that I’m working 6 days a week. I won’t be back to 5 days a week until the last week of October, so bear with me.

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I have high hopes of being back on here soon with new Doclopedia entries, among other projects.

But until I get back to regular writing on WordPress,  here is a picture of my three basset hounds.
From left to right: Silky, Daisy & SashaIMG_20140629_084224

The Cupcake Elves Hate The Yogurt Gnomes

…it goes back decades.

Partly to restart my writing mojo and partly to update everyone who reads my annual DogCon/CatCon reports, here is what is going on at Casa Cross today.

After being on the loose for several weeks, Flash and Lulu are home. The police and FBI dropped them off last night. Harsh warnings were given. Fortunately, when they got up to Washington State, they found that Uncle Ferdie’s Trained Squirrel Review had relocated to Arizona.

(Lulu: The FBI people were pretty nice to me, especially Agent Mulder.)

(Flash: Man, that totally sucks!)

Flash is in lockdown in his apartment and Joe installed an obedience subroutine in Lulu, so she is behaving, if not contrite. Hell, I don’t even know if a cyborg dog CAN be contrite.

(Lulu: I’ll run my guilt subroutine, Daddy.)

Actually, F & L were never beyond our keeping track of them. Lulu has a built in GPS system and it seems Sasha installed a small tracker in Flash, too.

(Flash: The fuck??)

(Sasha: Yeah, I used a Brakellian micro anal probe while he was asleep.)


Abigail and Beatrice are enjoying their last few weeks of living here before they move off to Texas to be part of the All Goat Review in Critter City next year.

(Abby: I’ve been watching old Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly movies. Also, Busby Berkley, because DAMN!)

Speaking of Abby, she has downloaded the recorded antics (Lulu has built in cameras and somethingbytes of storage) of Flash & Lulu on their crime spree and is editing a gag reel. Flash is not amused.

(Sasha: OCTAbytes, Daddy! Jeez!)

(Flash: Fuck that shit! What about my violated rectum?)

Bea has been helping Sasha down in the DocCave. They’ve set up some sort of laboratory. Joe seems impressed with it, but I’m not allowed anywhere near it. Grace has stated that nothing dangerous or strange better come out of that lab.

(Bea: It’s for the best, Daddy.)

(Flash: YO! Victim of anal probing here!)

(Lulu: I can attempt removal, Flash)

(Flash: Ummm…no, sis, that’s ok.)

I’m told that the lab is to help Sasha with her new online courses from some place called Narbonic Labs. Apparently, she wanted to broaden out into biology & genetics.  Graces edict has been suitably strengthened.

(Sasha: Mom will change her tune when I revive the Dodo or the Tasmanian Tiger or the Passenger Pigeon or whatever.)

(Daisy: Oh yeah, nothing bad can come of this.)

(Abby: I’ll try to be prepared when the hordes of Utahraptors head toward Texas.)

(Sasha: You two are a freakin’ riot. NOT!)

So, there’s my update. As you can see, things are pretty normal around here.

(Flash: Except for my butt!)

A Cute Newt In A Zoot Suit Had Plenty Of Loot And Fruit To Boot

…but he had scoot

Grace Update: My Sweet Little Broken Armed Gingerbread Cookie Of Passion took a 2 mile walk this morning up to the McDonalds to get an Egg McMuffin. she did well, although it tuckered her out and she’s now sleeping like a comatose log.

Dog Update: Winker & Lucy are healthy and spoiled. They have both been VERY good girls since Grace broke her arm. Oddly enough, they are also sleeping just now.

Doc Update: I’m doing fine healthwise, but mentally I’m going “AAAAIIIIEEEE!!!!” because of tending to everybody here at the old homestead AND dealing with idiots at work AND psyching myself up for the dive into doing even more writing AND getting ready to do self publishing of PDFs. However, I’m NOT asleep right now.

Solar Powered Chicken Cars

…in case your chickens like to drive

Health Update: Aside from a runny nose and an annoying tickle in my throat, I’m feeling way better. I blame my recent health woes on the unseasonably cool and damp weather. Man, this whole global warming thing is gonna suck.

Lucy Update: She is still a very timid girl, but was a very good girl when she went to Petco with Grace and got her rabies booster on Saturday. She is still a bit iffy about Winker, but does not run away from her anymore.

Garden Update: Besides fucking with my health, this screwed up weather is not doing my garden any good. my chiles, tomatoes, beans, melons, squash…they all want the hot weather. Fortunately, temps are predicted to be in the 80’s & 90’s this week, so maybe I’ll be eating fresh veggies in another month or so.

More bloggage later.

The Wackily Funny, Yet Somewhat Disturbing, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Trip To GenCon

…costarring her good buddy, Becky Turnipwater

Health Updates

Doc: Leg is 90% healed. Otherwise, in good shape.
Grace: Tired from work & school, but healthy
Daisy: Healthy, happy & energetic
Winker: In heat, so not going to the dog parks. Otherwise, sweet and puppylike

And before anyone asks, we can’t have Winker fixed due to her having a heart murmur that rates a 4 out of 6. If they put her under to fix her, it would probably kill her.

Garden Update

The weather has heated up and now even more plants are blooming and growing. Saturday will see me transplanting many veggies into their final containers (before the start of Summer Curryfest 2007 later that afternoon) and starting some new seeds. I’ll try to post some garden pix on Monday.

Gaming Update

I’m still mulling over a couple of games I might run for my buddies at GenCon. There will be a Toon game for sure, but the second game is still uncertain. Right now I’m leaning towards something pulpy.

As for playing games, I’m gonna try to make this GenCon a “Doc plays demos” festival. There are a bunch of rules systems & settings out there that I want to at least give a try.

And now, I’m off to Dr, Yen’s Dermatological E Z Bake Oven Of Doom.

The Kosher Dill Pickle That Ate Los Angeles

…and portions of Cucamonga

Doc Update

The allergic assault upon my sinuses and other body parts has finally subsided to the Mildly Annoying level. I suspect that out recent air clearing rains helped.

My poor knee bashed left leg is still not functioning at the 100% level, so I’ll be off the treadmill for another week or so.

Other than the above, I’m in pretty good shape, healthwise.

Grace Update

Aside from her ongoing battle with the Homework Demon and dealing with nitwits at work, Grace is doing well.

Daisy & Winker Update

The girls are healthy, spoiled, alternately active/sleeping and otherwise living the good life.

Other Stuff

Now that I’m feeling better, I’ll cowboy up and get the next Fantasy World Building Poll up tonight or tomorrow. I’m thinking I might do maps of this world we are building, then post them here.

Another benefit of no longer being sick is that I can get back to writing something that will bring in some $$.

Our saving up for GenCon has reached the point where we have the room cost and about 1.5 airline tickets covered. I really must remember to go online soon and buy badges. We still have to save up for food/drink, shopping, dog boarding and house sitting (well, really mostly mail pickup and garden watering). I’m still bummed that we can’t drive to the con and take a proper vacation, but who knows, we might still win some lottery money:)

Time to go. More bloggage later.