In Case Of Insanity, Break Glass…LOTS Of Glass

…and kick in a few doors, too

Uncle Doc’s Fun Facts

1: Just in case your Very Naughty Basset Hound ever pulls a bag of semi-frozen chicken thighs off of a kitchen counter and eats at least 6 of them…INCLUDING THE BONES…try not to panic. Turns out, dogs can crunch up and digest raw chicken bones a whole lot easier and safer than most people think. Of course, that still doesn’t mean that your dog should not get a time out for being naughty and gluttonous.

2: Men, when a doctor (let’s say, a urologist) says he’s going to check your prostate gland with his finger, what he means by “finger” is “well greased baseball bat”. Try not to think of the fact that you are PAYING him to do it. Also, when you next see the women in your life, give them their props for putting up with getting their orifices invaded far more regularly and intrusively by doctors than you ever will.

3: It’s that time of year when reading my LJ Friends page gets alot faster due to many of y’all going to GenCon. Have fun, ya bastids! I’ll be getting hammered on Friday night as a show of solidarity with my game industry/hobby pals.

4: I got nothin’ for #4, so I’ll go pick up my antibiotic prescription (who knew a prostate gland could get infected?) and then go to the library to get the latest Harry Dresden novel.