Particle Man VS The Electric Birdhouse

…ok, so I was listening to “Flood”

Stuff…on a roll, with mustard & relish

1: Grace is doling a bit better…less coughing, more sleeping.

2: I have a pulled muscle or pinched nerve in my neck. It hurts and pisses me off.

3. Winker’s yeast infection in her ears seems to be under control, but we won’t know for sure until she goes to the vet a week from tomorrow.

4: Daisy is as healthy and as sweet as a dog can be.

5: Saw a trailer for “The Incredible Hulk” on the Spike channel. Holy crap, does it look good!

6: Worked in the garden yesterday. Decided I may have a plant sale in a week or so, owing to the fact that I have so many plants that need thinning.

7: Have not yet begun the job searching, due mostly to looking after Grace and The Girls, but I do have job info for the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op, so I think I’ll start there.

8: I don’t think I mentioned it here, but my visit to Dr. James, the orthopedic surgeon, revealed that my right wrist has A: a nodule of some sort pressing on nerves and B: a piece of dead bone. Both can be treated by surgical removal, the nodule much more easily than the dead bone. Hopefully, they can replace the dead bone with a webshooter or a laser or something really cool.

9: I want to go on a long driving vacation so bad I can taste it. Alas, poverty precludes any such trip until summer of 2009 at the earliest.

10: Later today, after some gardening, I shall begin writing up the far too long awaited Violet post.

George The Dinosaur Goes To The Movies

…to see Jurassic Park

The best laid plans of mice, men and free range californian celtic white boys oft go awry…especially when the aforementioned white boy has to tend to a sick wife, wrangle basset hounds and do housekeeping. Ergo, there will be no Violet post tonight.

Give Me A Rockin’ Piano Solo With A Side Order Of Saxaphone

…and some extra heavy bass guitar

Ok, folks, I’m finally feeling ready to resume the saga of Violet and her pals. I shall attempt the writing of a rather long entry tonight.

In other news, the ever creative robindlaws has posted his quite cool idea for running a mix of seminar and audience participation RPG (for charity, no less) at an upcoming game convention. As with so many things Robin has written over the years, this filled me with ideas. Mostly, these ideas concerned doing something similar at Dundracon next year to celebrate 20 years of running annual TOON games. I’m reckoning that I could get a pretty good sized crowd once the word got out that…

1: I’d be trying to set a record for the most people in a TOON game
2: You could buy (via donations to charity) cool and dangerous in game items and powers that would allow you to either Boggle or Make Fall Down friends and strangers alike.
3: You could bribe the Animator via more donations.
4: After, or maybe during, the game, you could bid to inflict comedic indignities upon the Animator. By indignities, I mean seltzer water down the pants, wedgies, green slime on top of the head and, of course, cream pie in the face. Actually, the chance to assault my alleged dignity could well bring out many of my gaming pals who never come to Dundracon.

Anyway, it’s something I shall think about.

The Last Lap Dance Of Candy The Cat

…no, she wasn’t a real feline

Television Note

Next Monday, the History Channel is going to show a 2 hour program called “Life After Us”. The basic premise is what would happen to all of the human artifacts if we all disappeared from the planet. It looks to be a pretty fascinating show. I’m not sure, but I think the Discovery Channel might also show it.

Violet Note

Hopefully, I’ll have a rather lengthy Violet post up tonight. It’s looking to be 99% exposition and appears to be getting longer as I write it. Oh, and you’ll get to vote at the end of it, I promise.

Movie Note

Cloverfield hits movie screens this Friday and you can bet I’ll have my ass in a movie seat watching it on Saturday afternoon. I love giant monster movies.

Gaming Question

Every so often, when discussing D&D, someone says that if WOTC/D&D were to fold, the gaming hobby would be in huge trouble (and, often, it is implied that the whole adventure gaming industry would just dry up and blow away).

My question is: Why would anyone think this?

Did rock & roll implode after the Beatles broke up/Buddy Holly died/Elvis Died/The Ramones began dying? Nope. Did television collapse after (insert name of hugely popular series of your choice) went off the air? Nope. Did the deaths of any number of great actors and directors kill off motion pictures. Nope.

So why would the collapse of WOTC or the disappearence of D&D kill off adventure gaming? There would still be older versions of D&D, as well as the hundreds of other RPG’s out there. Gaming life would go on…and possibly for the better, tho that’s a topic for another day.

You may let fly your thoughts on this.