Bananas On The Bed

...along with several drunken monkeys   The Doclopedia #1,083 Wait...What?: Polly Pond Intrepid girl reporter Polly Pond covers the superhero beat for the Daily Times newspaper. When a city destroying battle breaks out, she's there with her best pal and photographer, Pam Chu, to get the story. If there's an interview with a superhero or … Continue reading Bananas On The Bed

The Adventures Of Pureluck Stones, Master Detective

...and part time insurance adjuster   The Doclopedia #1,083 Wait...What?: Bobby Bunny Appearing in Weener Brothers Cartoons, Bobby Bunny is one of the craziest residents of the Wacky Woods. He is always up to something with his pals Goober Goose and Melvin Mink. His antics often cause plenty of property damage and embarrassing situations for … Continue reading The Adventures Of Pureluck Stones, Master Detective