Flaming Watermelon Death

…from above!

The 6.2 mile walk went pretty quickly, then I got home and turned into a thirsty & sweaty semi-invalid with a top speed of about .005 miles an hour.

But now, I’m rested, refreshed & up to maybe .5 miles an hour:)

It matters not, though, for my next set of errands shall be done by car.

More bloggage, primarily about The Blade That Controls, later.


Do Feed The Bears

…they prefer barbecued tourist with macaroni salad on the side

As you college graduates have no doubt deduced, I’m trying another theme for this blog. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Might just go back to something monocolor and simple.

In other news, I’m off on a 6.2 mile walk, then I’ll be doing my househusbandly thing.

Thrilling Moose Stories

…it’s a big seller in Canada

So far, my Saturday has been all about walking and waiting. drive car to dealers for a brake job/check up…walk the mile home…wait a couple hours for bank to open…walk the 1/2 mile to bus stop…get to bank, deposit check, then wait while they try to figure out why our online bill pay is acting goofy…wait for bus…walk another 1/2 mile home…wait for dealer to call telling me car is ready, then I’ll have to walk the mile to the dealer again.

Curse this exciting, fast paced life I lead!

A Golden Girl, A Box Full Of Trouble And A Very Inventive Guy

…in The City

My oh my, it would seem that we might want to name Our Village “Testosteroneville”, since the first 10 (of 16) villagers are male. Well, at least they are a racially diverse lot:)

In other news, I walked 5.3 miles yesterday, at a pretty brisk pace and without sitting down once during the entire 2 hours and 16 minutes of the trip (which includes a 30 minute stop at a local nursery to check out new plant ideas. I was rather whipped by the time I got home, but I’m planning a similar journey for today. I’m thinking that if I can’t find work, I should at least find some fitness.

Oh, yeah…all you villagers who have yet to fill out the second poll, GO DO IT!.

And now I’m outta here to walk dogs, clean house and then walk to a thrift store.

Robotic Pirates From The Earth’s Core

…Pellucidarian plunderers

So, tonight, I go to turn on the oven to cook a roast and there’s a flash of light, a loud BZZZZZTTTT! sound and lotsa smoke. After a moment’s surprise, I turned it off. so much for oven cookery in the Cross household for…well, until I get a job and mounting bills are paid off. Oh well, I’ve got my trusty Weber grill, so if need be, I can slow cook stuff on it.

I only walked a couple of miles today, but I also worked an hour in the garden, so I figure that was worth 2-3 miles, if sweat is any indication.

I’m gonna be up late tonight writing. I have about 4 projects to work on, so I reckon I’ll do pieces of them all. But first, I need a big mug of cocoa/tea.

More blog-o-rama later.

The Kitty Cats Brew Up Some Beer

…fish flavored beer

Woohoo! Daisy and I walked 3.7 miles in 1 hour and 20 minutes tonight. Pretty good, seeing as how half of the route was uphill and Daisy likes to stop about every 15 feet to either pee or sniff something. By the time we got home, we were, you should pardon the expression, dog tired.

The Kitty Cats VS Gojira And Mothra

…my money is on the cats

Today was a warm and sunny day, so I did a bit of gardening. Nothing like pulling weeds, cleaning up piles of previously pulled weeds and watering everything to make a fella tired.

But not so tired that I couldn’t walk 2 of the 4.5 miles home from the dog park and than walk another mile with Daisy.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing some domestic stuff and maybe go to the movies.

And here’s a garden pic for y’all.

Blue Irises