The Rare And Beautiful Whistling Potto Of Potawango Island

…they can imitate many birds


The Doclopedia #1,142

Bad Dogs: Lulu Louise Cross

Until the Summer of 2013, Lulu was a normal basset hound/coon hound mix living in Sacramento, California. Then she died from lymphoma, he basset hound sister transferred her intellect into an artificial brain and in the Fall of 2013, Lulu awoke with a partly organic, partly mechanical body.

Now a cyborg, Lulu found that she was much stronger and faster than normal. Within a couple of months, her body was upgraded to full robotic when her meat parts began to fail. This made her even stronger and faster and gave her some advanced weaponry & sensors. Whoever thought that was a good idea?

Later still, Lulu’s body was improved even more, along with her getting an adamantium skeletal structure and vibranium “skin”. She is now nearly indestructible. Her top speed, on Earth, is 175 miles per hour. She weighs 150 pounds, but is only about the size and build of a Dalmatian. She can function perfectly well under water at great depths and in the vacuum of space.

Lulu is known for flaunting the law, upsetting the status quo and causing great amounts of property damage, all in the name of fun, or on rare occasions, justice. She is often accompanied by her brother, Flash Alexander Cross, a small cat who is every bit the hell raiser Lulu is. Neither of them has ever shown the slightest trace of guilt about their exploits. They are both often found locked down at home (Lucy by a restraining bold, Flash by steel bars on his apartment) by their human parents.

Lulu and Flash are wanted for questioning by hundreds of law enforcement agencies worldwide and a few agencies from offworld.