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Weekly New Worlds:  Earth 5-A “Talking Jesus Earth”

On Earth 5-A, one of the biggest and most bizarre differences is that Jesus Christ, or some entity claiming to be him, pops up frequently to talk to various individuals. The strange thing about this is that he doesn’t manifest as a spirit or holy being or even a man.

He comes to chat via his face on a surface, mostly, but not limited to food.

Yes, Jesus has appeared on tortillas and other flatbreads, pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza crusts, pie crusts, toast and a wide variety of other baked goods. Of course, he has also put in appearances using mud and grease stains, spilled paint, patterns in wood grain, children’s fingerpaint pictures and at least three times in the patterns created by men pissing on concrete walls.

Jesus never sticks around long, and only one person at a time can hear or see him, but he usually says things that change their life in some profound way. Oddly, he has never told anyone to stop masturbating, vote Republican or buy an SUV.