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The Doclopedia #1,083

Wait…What?: Bobby Bunny

Appearing in Weener Brothers Cartoons, Bobby Bunny is one of the craziest residents of the Wacky Woods. He is always up to something with his pals Goober Goose and Melvin Mink. His antics often cause plenty of property damage and embarrassing situations for old grumps like Farmer Fertinberger, Sheriff Porkly and J. Wolverton Wolf. Many of Bobby’s adventures revolve around his attempts to get rich quick or steal some tasty food. Kids around the world just love these cartoons.

Bobby has a girlfriend, Honey O’Hare and a dog named Roy. In many cartoons, they are the ones that save Bobby from getting thrown in jail, beaten up or having his incredibly large penis cut off. The cartoons usually end with Bobby singing some sort of happy song with his pals as the old grump he’s been tormenting gets blown up or otherwise injured.