My Life Among The Pinecone Throwing Women

…it’s an interesting story

CatCon2: The Trip There, Day 3, Part One

(NOTE: The following is all fictional.)

Despite the sign on the bus showing our destination as “Bree”, we are indeed way the fuck up in the Rockies. Just got back from a hike along an easy trail. Well, it was easy until the bear stepped outta the bushes about 60 feet in front of us. At that point, everyone pretty much froze, bear included…except for Winker. See, she’s a very friendly little gal. Loves people, cats, other dogs, livestock…you name it, she’ll give it a chance to be her friend.

Including a young female black bear, who I’d say weighed about 300-400 pounds.

So, there I am, at the head of the group of maybe 25 people, cos I’m Nature Boy and I just sorta slid into the guide position on this unguided hike. And I’m holding Winker’s leash and she’s straining on it to say “Hi” to the bear and I can hear people behind me backing up the trail and Grace whispering “Doc! Come on!” and the bear is just standing there looking at us like “What’s up?”.

And then Winker barked, the bear yelled, I yelled, everyone behind me yelled and started running…and then the bear hauled ass down the hill.

I looked at Winker, who was still barking her “Let’s play wrassle!” bark, then looked at the rapidly receding ass of the bear, then back to Winker. Then I turned around and lead her back up the trail, which she was ok with because she’s not really into the great outdoors anyway.

When I caught up with the rest of the hikers, the only thing I could think to say was “She’ll be upset with me all day that I didn’t let her kill that bear”.

That’s when Grace and Sharon started pelting me with pinecones.

More bloggage later.

Wildlife Sighted: 3 mountain goats, some pikas, a hawk, several chipmunks and A FUCKIN’ BEAR!