The Rare And Beautiful Flower Headed Land Jellyfish Of Potawango Island

…they like to eat cheese

Game Day

Today, 75% of the game session was the 5 characters, Jonas’ (the only trained adventurer) pet wolf, Mac’s pet terrier and the two mini-triceratopans versus 20 dire wolfweres in human form. Fortunately, Our Heroic Band was able to get off a variety of ranged attacks (to say nothing of a wolf attack and a really pissed off Jack Russell sized terrier attack) before the wolfweres reached them. After that, it was hackin’ & slashin’ fun. Well, fun except for when two of the characters rolled critical fumbles…and when Mac swung his cutlass in a low blow and amputated a wolfwere’s johnson…and when Tekka (the mage) got punched in the face and knocked out by the biggest wolfwere…and when a gronk (the mini-triceratopsan) impaled and gutted a wolfwere…and much severing of wolfwere arteries, leading to much spraying of blood. But overall, fun, yes indeed. After the festivities, it was all about the healing spells and the first aid and the burning of the dead (5 wolfweres escaped) and the resting up and the getting the hell outta their.

We ended the game at 3:00, due to some of the players having an appointment. We’ll play again in 3 weeks, when they may or may not find themselves in deep shit again.