Harry Potter And The Vibrating Broomstick

…Hermione stole it from him.

Doc Update

My leg infection is responding well to the antibiotics and all the resting I’ve been doing, so I’m back to work tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my nightly walks by next weekend.

Picked the first of this years tomatoes, an orange hued smallish tomato variety called “Flamme”. Pretty tasty, more like a cherry tomato than a regular slicer.

The Mayoral part of the World Building Game will have it’s first for real turn in a few days. I’ll also send each Mayor a picture of the initial layout of their village. And speaking of those rascally Mayors…

MAYORS: Your village starts with 100 people…total…that includes children and soldiers. You must now tell me how many people work in how many professions. Generally, children are assumed to help in the family business, including the military (altho, of course, not as fighters). To help you out, here are Arn’s answers for the Village of Riverside.

Mayor Guy Martin: Village Population

25 Soldiers (1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 2 Sergeants, 4 Corporals, 16 Privates) 


30 Farmers (8 families)


2 Mages (1 Master Wizard, 1 Apprentice)


4 Blacksmiths/Engineers (1 family


2 Healers (husband & wife)


4 Millers (1 family)


10 Builders (3 families)


3 Hunters/Fishermen (father, 2 sons)


9 Craftsmen (1 family of 4, 2 single women, 3 single men)


2 Teachers (husband & wife)


1 Priestess (widow)


1 Mayor (Guy Martin, who is also head of one of the farming families)


3 Brewers/Vintners (husband, wife, nephew)


4 Loggers/Lumbermen (1 family)


The Light Blue Negligee Of Doom

…and other spicy stories

Doc Update

Hey, kids, remember how I said in my last post that I hadn’t walked on Thursday night because of a sore ankle? Well, it turns out that it was a recurrence of my cellulitis. So now, my infected leg and I are forced to sit around the house, take regular doses of antibiotics and generally be grumpy.

On the good side, I caught this attack VERY early on…earlier than any previous episode…AND it’s the first incidence of cellulitis that I’ve had since the ill fated GenCon 2004 trip, 23 months ago. Hopefully, I’ll be back on my feet in 2-3 days.

World Building Game Stuff

Regarding magic: For many centuries, the only way to use magic was via enchanted items. Items had to be made and enchanted inside strange pyramid shaped magic shrines that dotted the countryside. Once completed, the magical item, be it a ring, sword, plow or self propelled wagon, could be used out in the wider world.

But since the Dark War…and especially since the ManaStorm…the few mages left in the world have found that they can channel magic directly through their bodies. This is risky and unpredictable, especially at medium to high levels, but low level spells are much more stable. Over the last 20 years, the Society of Wizards (who, despite being thinly spread out over Calandria and its surrounding islands, manage to communicate via Varralonese Comm Crystals) has compiled a  list of various spells and how they are cast. The training of Apprentice Wizards has also been stepped up.

How does this affect the Mayor and Adventurer games? Well, in the Mayor game, your village will have one Master Wizard and one Apprentice Wizard. Guard them well, since they would be damn near impossible to replace. In the Adventurer game, if you choose to be a Wizard, I will give you a list if spells from which you will choose 7 that you can cast. I’ll also let you have 3 magic items.

Any questions?

Fried Seaweed Sandwich

…with extra mayo

Miles Walked On Thursday: None, due to a sore ankle and the garden needing my attention.

Note to the Players in the World Building Game: If you have not answered the Mayor questionaire, please do it by Monday. Failure to do so will result in a severe beating:)

BTW, the Adventurer questionaire will go up about Wednesday.

Ok, so yesterday I mentioned 365 Days, 365 Characters. Allow me to expand upon this…

My plan is to start creating a rules systemless character a day, every day, for a year. I’ll start in August, exactly one year before Grace and I intend to start our driving trip to GenCon 2007, and I’ll post the last character the night before we leave. I will take reasonable requests for character types…and they don’t have to be archetypal RPG characters, either. I already have ideas for (among others): a working mom who has a single superpower…an animal cop (as in, he’s a rabbit)…the only sentient robot on Earth…a guy who runs a hotdog cart in a city full of superheroes/villains…and a bunch more. As I said yesterday, we’ll see if I can do this for a whole year. Oh, yeah…you will almost certainly see some characters who are based on (and have the same name as) real life people…including my family, friends and me. Well, assuming they give me their OK,

In gardening news, I am finally seeing an orange/red blush on some tomatoes! YAY! Soon, the BLTs and tomato sauce and fresh tomatoes will be a daily joy here at Castle Cross.

And now, off to work for me.

Walking My Pet Ankylosaurus

…pray that he doesn’t start wagging his tail

It has come to my attention that James Wallis, a fine fellow and close personal friend of Baron Munchausen, has started a blog about his upcoming charity trek across the British landscape. Clicking the link can only bring you enlightenment and amusement, so you should do it.

In other news, with the start of the World Building Game and the upcoming start of The Adventures of Zora, I seem to be hip deep in roleplaying goodness. However, not content with that, I am formulating a plan to put myself neck deep in roleplaying goodness.

“How so?”, you ask with mixed fear and curiosity.

To which I, obviously having descended into madness, reply… “365 Days, 365 characters!” (insert deranged laughter here) 

More later.

Mrs. Wangdoodle And Her Trained Hedgehogs

…they sing, they dance, they delight the children 

Miles Walked On Tuesday: 2.3 miles in 28 minutes
Miles Walked Tonight: 2.5 miles in 35 minutes 

To The Players In The WBG…

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Long Bay, by Queen Dianthus of Chantapho-By-The-Sea.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Blue Meadow, by High Governor Bolo Lightfoot of Hobbit Island.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Tazeem, by Sultan Kasimir of Suraq.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Riverside, by King Brant of New Varralon.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of Twelve Trees, by Queen Elspeth of Kartania.

Congratulations! You have been assigned the position of Mayor of the new settlement of White Rock, by King Wulfgar of The Kjodervolk.

And now, please reply to…

The Village Mayor Questionaire

1: Are you male or female?

2: What is your name?

3: What is your age?

4: Are you married?

5: Do you have any children? If so, how many and what are their ages?

6: Before being appointed to the post of Mayor to this new settlement, where you a member of the Military or the Government and what rank/title did you have?

7: Give a short physical description of yourself.

8: Give a short personality description of yourself.

9: List any special skills or talents you possess.

10: Before your initial settlers are a assigned to you, please state what percentage of them make up your military detachment.

Note: Your starting village will be big enough to comfortably house 200 people (although you’ll start with fewer than that), with farm plots/pastures located outside the village walls. Do you wish your village walls to be laid out in a square or circular shape?

The Man With The Golden Blog

…kiss kiss, bang bang

Who Will Be Playing Whom In The World Building Game

Ok, Players, here are the cultures you will be playing in the Village portion of the game.

antiwesley will be playing the Hobbits
mnemex will be playing the Kartanians
doc_mystery will be playing the Suraqi
smalley_smoot will be playing the Chantaphoans
unclelumpy will be playing the Kjodervolk
Arn will be playing the Varralonese

The Mayor questionaire goes up tonight.

Got questions? Ask me.

Live And Let Blog

…ya gotta give the other fella hell

Miles Walked On Saturday: 1.4 miles
Miles Walked On Sunday: 3.7 miles
Miles Walked On Monday: 2.6

World Building Game: PC Cultures, Part 2

The Suraqi: The Suraqi people were transported to Calandria from their homeworld many hundreds of years ago. In fact, their central homeland, the Al Kaziri Hills, was transported with them. The whole shebang appeared in the center of the Dune Sea, a broad expanse of trackless desert. The Suraqi people most resemble (physically as well as culturally) the Arabic people of our world, with two big exceptions: No Islam (instead, they worship the First Ancestors) and their society is matriarchal. Mages are relatively common in Suraqi society and most of them prefer to create items with strong elemental powers.

The Hobbit: Alone among all the nations of this world (and certainly all the nations on Calandria), the Hobbits are the sole form of a representative democracy. That said, your average Hobbit is still not much of a lover of politics. They consider it a necessary evil. What they do care about is farming, brewing, winemaking, crafts, cooking and generally enjoying the frruits of their labor. Hobbit wizards, of which there are quite a few, tend to create devices that protect, defend, mend or alter things. Culturally, Hobbits resemble the folks of rural England, with just a touch of Irish wit and American curiousity. One final note: Hobbits have a disproportianately high tolerance for alcohol. The odds of a human drinking a Hobbit under the table are slim indeed.

The Chantaphoans: Their homeland is called Chantapho-By-The-Sea and these people are first and foremost sailors. Culturally, they have the manners and attitude towards life of the Spanish mixed with the sense of duty and honor of the British. The Chantaphoans have the best educational system on Calandria, top notch medical care, are skilled breeders of animals and give great honor and rewards to their scientists. As for magic, the Chantaphoans, have relatively few wizards. Most magical devices are enchanted with elemental or divination spells. Their navy is the best in the world and they are very keen on exploring. Physically, they resemble Spaniards and other Latin people.

Bedtime now…more stuff later.