Santa Claus: International Man Of Mystery

….ho ho ho, baby!

It’s Xmas Eve, which means the Annual Gathering of my immediate family. This year, it will be less than the entire bunch, since there has been Family Drama and my sister and her brood are staying home. Grace and I will head up to my mom’s house after work, visit with her and my brother & his wife and whomever else shows up, then head home. Tomorrow, while everyone else does the Xmas thing, we will sleep in and then goof off while we await the crock pot yielding up the chicken & dumplings for lunch/dinner. On Saturday, I’ll work for 4-5 hours, then it’ll be writing, writing and more writing. Sunday? I have no idea, but more goofing off and writing sounds good.

I hope y’all have a swell time at whatever you do this weekend!